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Fun Ways To Celebrate New Year’s As A Family

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New Year’s Eve is only a few weeks away! I say that with more enthusiasm than I feel, because I’ve never been one to go to big parties and stay up until midnight and blow noisemakers. In fact, I think the last time I stayed up until midnight on New Year’s was December 31, 1999, when (the crazy) people thought the world would end the second it became the year 2000.

That said, I love an excuse to get together with friends and family and celebrate. We usually have an appetizer/movie night with our family of five and have a great time and are in bed long before midnight. This year, both of my husband’s siblings will be here with their families and we’re going to have a bonfire and sled and play games and watch movies and then have a huge sleepover.

There are definitely some fun things to do with your family instead of paying through the nose for a babysitter and staying up past your bedtime:

Set the clocks back. When our kids were younger and had no concept of time, we would set the clocks back three hours (we’re on the West coast) and watch the big TV specials from the East coast. Our kids thought they were staying up until midnight and we got to go to bed at a decent hour. Win!

Host a games night. Invite another family (or two) over for a potluck of appetizer and some rousing board game action.

Go skating. Our community center hosts a bunch of fun family events, including swimming and skating. My legs are whiter than white, so I’d much rather skate than frighten people with my pasty skin.

Go skiing. We love to ski as a family and our local hill has night skiing. As I said above, we already have plans at home, but we’ll definitely be doing more night skiing this season. When you’re done for the evening, you come in and sit by the fire with hot chocolate and it’s absolutely magnificent.

Do you have any ideas to share for fun ways to celebrate New Year’s as a family?

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