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Dealing With The January Blahs

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November and December may involve the snow and cold, but Thanksgiving/Christmas/Whatever You Celebrate festivities can distract you from the gray weather outside. Once New Year’s is over, all that’s left is three (or five, depending where you live) months of snow and cold and cloudy skies. It can be rather depressing.

I have never been a fan of winter, which led to a few years where I struggled with S.A.D. I had one January day where I was unable to do anything other than sit. I couldn’t read, I couldn’t write, I couldn’t do anything other than sit on the couch. I knew it was time to take action. Take action I did, and now I clap my hands with glee when the snow falls. (Truth.) Summer will always be my favorite season, but Winter no longer fills me with dread.

Here are a few ways to beat the January Blahs:

1. Take vitamin D. Less expensive than a sun lamp, they brighten you up from the inside.

2. Plan a party. My birthday is in January, and I host a big party at my house. It’s not to celebrate me, but to celebrate the many great women I am blessed to have in my life. It’s a potluck appetizer event, everyone’s included, and many laughs are had together.

3. Get outside. Yes, it’s cold. That’s why winter clothes were invented. Once you get moving, you warm up. Walk, run, sled, ski, skate, do anything you want outside. Fresh air is amazing, as are endorphins. Add in some sunshine, and you’re golden.

4. Give yourself permission for a day to check out. I did this last year — I was given a great book and I immersed myself in it for an entire day. I came out the other side and felt refreshed.

5. Spend time with your spouse without the kids
. Sitting on the couch, talking through everything, is something that helps keep me balanced. Now that we’ve survived the holidays, we can reconnect.

How do you beat the January blahs?

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