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How to Prep your Big Kid for a New Baby

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So, you had your very first baby and somehow survived being up 18 times per night and your baby is now a kid. Or a toddler who is pretty cute and sweet and you think, we should do this again.

(As for me, my firstborn cherub was so cute, that we started trying for child number two pretty quickly. We had a positive pregnancy test on said cherub’s first birthday. Happy Birthday, G! Soak up 100% of the attention while you can.)

G has always loved babies — he loves to volunteer in our church’s nursery¬† — but here are a few things we did when we was but a baby himself to prepare him for his baby brother, and then baby sister.

1. Spend time with babies. I had a bunch of friends having babies around the same time as I was, so my kids were exposed to other babies.

2. Talk about it. Young ones don’t understand a whole lot, but “baby in my tummy” seemed to make sense to them.

3. Keep their routine the same. G had his own room, and his own routine, and none of that changed when we brought his brother home. I might have been up all night with the newborn, but he slept soundly in his usual bed.

Have you added a new baby to your house? How did you prep your firstborn?

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