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5 Bad Words Kids Shouldn’t Say

Categories: children, communication

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My husband and I aren’t ones to cuss (much). He’s a pastor at the church we attend and there isn’t a lot of cussing that happens in our circle of friends. There is the occasional stubbed toe, etc. that can see me muttering something blue, but I (usually) keep it under control if the kids are around.

Classic curse words aside, there are a number of words that are off limits in our house for both my husband and I, as well as our kids.

1. Shut up. Not acceptable, and never spoken between my husband and I, unless it’s regarding disbelief about something.

2. Stupid. Or any name calling (i.e. Idiot, Jerk, Loser, etc.). The only names I call my kids are nicknames such as monkey or turkey, etc. I never call them a name with a mean connotation and they don’t call each other names, either.

3. Hate. No “I hate you”, no “I hate this”, no hate whatsoever. If they don’t like something, that’s all that needs to be said.

4. Retard(ed). I’ll occasionally hear the word used in public in reference to something or someone being dumb and I CRINGE. My kids have friends in their school with special needs and they have never used or heard that word at school. Here’s hoping their generation can school mine.

5. Oh My God/Jesus Christ. God and Jesus are at the heart of our faith, and hearing them used as a curse word in public startles me every time. My kids know that it’s not appropriate to use their names in vain.

Are there any bad words that are off limits in your house?

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One comment so far...

  • Those 5 actually make my list - even better, #1 & #2 are ALSO banned at school when aimed at people.
    The tough part is, as you mention, people use it to express disbelief, and incredulity. And the second people use when disparaging a weird policy/restrction. For us the toughness is my daughter is unable to distinguish between the nuances of word uses (ah the joys of the autism spectrum) so things fall currently into ok/not ok and there are no nuances. That was fine when she was 5, as she’s entering adolescence being rigid on those nuances is going to be a real struggle.

    Mich  |  March 27th, 2013 at 3:33 pm