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with Angella Dykstra

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Are You An Adventurous Parent?

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I am a girl who likes to wear dresses and put makeup on and feel pretty. I’m also a girl who is training for a half-marathon and also attends the gym. I am equally comfortable wearing a LBD to a cocktail party and wearing grubbies while helping my husband hoist a bear he harvested into the truck so that he could take it to the butcher’s. True story.

I am also a girl who volunteers at her kids’ school and I have had many adventures while being a parent helper. I’ve done an all-day bike trip, used snow-shoes on a frozen lake, taken pictures of my son holding snakes (I was SO not doing that), gotten completely soaked while helping with a bike fair in torrential rain, and grilled hamburgers and hot dogs for fifty fifth-graders and their teachers. I’m open for pretty much anything, is what I’m saying.

Last week my kids and I found ourselves on the docks at a local beach, which we’d been jumping off of into the lake for a few days prior. My middle son — the adventurous one, and also the one who struggles with anxiety — asked me if I’d climb up on the railing of the dock with him and jump from there. The railing was wobbly, but we climbed up and sat on it for a few minutes. He really wanted to jump, and wanted my assurance that I would be by his side. I assured him that I would be, always.

We (awkwardly) made our way from sitting to standing on the wobbly (and narrow!) railing. I wasn’t sure if my own anxiety would kick in, but before I knew it we were counting down. 3! 2! 1!

It is now one of my favorite memories and that photo above is now one of my favorite photos.

How about you? Are you an adventurous parent?

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