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Committed: The Ties that Bond

with Angella Dykstra

I'm a mom of three, a professional accountant, and an amateur photographer and writer. I am not a marriage expert. But my husband and I take "Til death do us part" seriously, and here I'll be sharing how we keep our marriage strong while we both do that insane work-life juggle.

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Helping Your Middle Child Feel Included

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I have three children. Graham, my oldest, is the stereotypical first-born child. He’s cautious, responsible, and sometimes has to be reminded that he’s not the parent. Emily, my third child, is the stereotypical “baby” of the family. She’s used to being taken care of by her parents and her older brothers and sometimes needs to be encouraged to do things herself. Nathan, my middle child, fits the “middle child” description. He’s very much a “look at me!” kid, being sandwiched between the first born and the baby.

He’s a great kid who loves hugs — you will MAKE HIS DAY if you ask him for a hug — and is entirely different personality-wise from his siblings. He loves — and is great at — every sport, and prefers playing outside to reading a book. It could be easy for him to get lost in the shuffle, I suppose, but we make an effort of supporting him in everything he does. A few ways that we make sure he doesn’t feel like he got the short end of the stick when it comes to his birth position:

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Coping With Preteen Hormones And Attitudes

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My eldest child — a son — is (almost) eleven and we’ve sure noticed a change in him now that the hormones have started kicking in. He’s still my sweet, compliant boy most of the time, but not all of the time. He’ll throw out an attitude or tear up about something inconsequential (in my eyes) and I can see the internal battle through his eyes.

We’re in uncharted waters, here, and we’re all trying to figure out how to navigate them. There are a few things that have worked, so far.

1. Ask them what is going on. The first answer in usually “I DON’T KNOW!” Then I’ll try again, reminding him that I love him and want to help him sort out what made him lash out. It usually ends with him either telling me the background or telling me simply, “I don’t know, Mom.”

2. Tell them your own stories. Becoming a tween or a teenager is a whole new world. I share my own stories from that stage — everything from funny stories to awkward moments and it makes him feel like what he’s going through is “normal”, or as normal as it can be.
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How Birth Order Affects How You Treat Your Kids

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I have eight siblings, and not because my parents were fundamentalist Mormon or practiced the Rhythm Method. My parents have both been married and divorced a few times, and my Dad had kids with each of his first three wives.

Three kids from the first marriage, two kids from the second marriage, and four kids from the third marriage. We’re all connected and spend time together, but growing up the bulk of my time was spent with me and my sister. (We’re the second set.)

I was the oldest and fit the mold. I was the responsible one, and put in charge of taking care of my sister. She was the baby, and there’s nothing my Mom won’t do for her. I had to do a paper on birth order back in college and boy, are we textbook in so many ways.

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