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Cool Web Tools for Business

Categories: Tech & Net

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I’m always thinking of things that would make my life easier as I run my business, but the thoughts are fleeting and I never do anything about them. While I am an entrepreneur, I’m just not a computer programmer or inventor.

But there are people who are, thank goodness, and they put good ideas into action with cool Web tools that we can all use. Here are some of my favorites and a few new ones I’m thinking of trying out.
Teleflip Flipmail

1. Doodle - - This is a free site where you can enter a series of dates and times and then let others access the options and choose the ones that suit their schedule. This is the perfect, easy-to-use tool for scheduling conference calls and meetings with multiple people. After everyone fills out their preferences, you can easily see where dates and times overlap to finalize a schedule that works for everyone.

2. FlipMail - - One way to control spam is to specify exactly who is allowed to send you messages. Teleflip offers FlipMail allows you to select the people who you want to hear from and it converts their emails into text messages and sends to your mobile phone. You can also send or reply to the messages. Helpful when you are away from your computer but still want to receive email messages.

3. Grouply - - Do you belong to a lot of groups on Yahoo and Google such as your favorite moms groups and business groups? Having a hard time keeping up with the discussions? Grouply to the rescue. The free service let’’s you view a single event calendar that covers all group events and you can search all groups from one site.

4. Box -
- An online storage site where you can access and share your files. Free for individuals and businesses up to 1 Gig of storage but there is a cost for 5 or 15 Gigs and for enterprise level accounts.

5. SlideShare - - I’m definitely going to be using this site ASAP. Because I do a lot of speaking and teaching gigs locally, nationally and internationally, I can now upload my PowerPoint presentations, point people to them and even embed them into my Web site.

If you’ve used any of these and have an opinion, let us know. If you have others you want to recommend, share them here!

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