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with Aliza Sherman

If you own a business - home-based or otherwise - this is the blog where you'll find practical tips and smart ideas about entrepreneurship. I've started and run 4 different businesses so "been there, done that." I'll also invite successful entrepreneurs to share their best advice with you.

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My Business is Recovering from the Election

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Second Life Election Night EventAm I the only one whose attention to work went slightly off track the days leading up to the election? Was it just me or was there just too much else to pay attention to as we moved closer and closer to this momentous and historic week?

As the dust settles, I realize that I’ve been a bit incommunicado with clients and not as responsive to team members. Who knew that a presidential election could cause so much disruption in my personal and professional life?

Instead of focusing enough on work, I spent my time

It never occurred to me that being more politically engaged could mean neglecting some important things around the home or office. I’ve got some catching up to do now that we know who our president is going to be.

And how about that Obama!

Now back to work.

How did the weeks and days leading up to the election affect your life and work?

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