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with Aliza Sherman

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Dropping Out and Falling In Love

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Pro-blogger, Gina Blitstein, recently interviewed entrepreneur mom, Lucinda Cross, founder of Corporate Mom DropOuts. As the name implies, Corporate Mom DropOuts supports women who have left the corporate world to start an at-home business while managing their families needs. Lucinda also runs a blog and radio show, and is the author of the book, Corporate Mom DropOuts.

Lucinda CrossLucinda Cross says that she’s made it her life’s mission to uplift, inspire and change people’s lives. She likes to call herself a catalyst for motivation, passion and high energy and works with small business owners supporting them to work on their business and not in their business. Cross also trains and coaches women who are interested in learning how to work from home, take charge and create the life they love.

On behalf of Work It, Mom, I asked this dynamic lady some questions about her life as she gracefully bears the responsibilities of being a mother and an entrepreneur.

WIM: What factors inspired you to become an entrepreneur?
LC: My biggest inspiration is my children. I have two little ones and the fact that I was only spending 45 min a day with my kids after I came home from work was beginning to put a strain on the relationship I had with them.

WIM: How did your family react when you decided to become an entrepreneur?
LC: My spouse was not in agreement and we ended up in a separation but the kids absolutely loved it and of course my family thought I went crazy…

WIM: What is the most gratifying part of being an entrepreneur?
LC: Being able to live my life and use my creativity to create revenue. I am my own boss and it feels good to do what I want when I want and how I want.

WIM: What is the most challenging part of being an entrepreneur?
LC: Charging what I am worth. It was hard to adopt a sellers mindset when it came to pricing my products and services because I love what I do so much that I would give it away for low value. This was the most challenging part of my business setting my rates and sticking to it.

WIM: How does the life of an entrepreneur mom differ from that of other working moms?
LC: There is no hustle and bustle in my life as an entrepreneur mom. I don’t have to negotiate time with my kids or time with myself versus time on the job. My health is better physically and mentally. Less coffee, good meals throughout the day versus munching on a grab and go meal. Mentally I am not aggravated any more or exhausted all the time. I can breathe, follow my workout plan, nutrition plan, include meditation and prayer in my day and most of all my kids get to see me smile and play with them more often.

WIM: How do you keep yourself inspired to move forward with your business each and every day?
LC: I love what I do, I love inspiring and impacting other women and moms lives by helping them attain a lifestyle mompreneur business as well. I look forward to reaching out and connecting with fabulous women doing fabulous things.

WIM: Are you more likely to combine family time and business time or draw a sharp distinction between the two?
LC: There is a line I draw between family time and business time. I have business hours posted in my office space; I set my working hours according to their schedule. I have incorporated a system called the “no trespassing zone” which let’s my kids know that they cannot enter the office space or interrupt during the time when my orange cones are around. “No toys in the area, no noise in the area and no screaming mommy in the area.”

WIM: What do your children learn from having an entrepreneur for a mom?
LC: My kids are so excited about my business and I involve them in the process. They have already started to create little side businesses for themselves. They want to work for themselves and they are also learning that their creativity can make them money and make them happy. They watch every move I make and they are proud to say to their friends that their mom works from home. They have confidence to think out loud know. I see the change and the confidence.

WIM: How are you at delegating?
LC: I have a team of virtual assistants which I call my trusted advisors. I delegate most of the things that take my attention away from what I am good at. As a former virtual assistant and virtual assistant coach I understand the value of delegating and I do it in order to keep my business up and running and in order. I delegate my blog updates, research, media outreach, follow up calls. I delegate most of my income generating task.

WIM: How are you at managing “me time.”
LC: I create focus days and Wednesday is my “me time” day to do whatever I want to do, nap all day, hair salon, massage, food shopping, book store, and library. I love Staples so I like to go there and just browse and buy.

WIM: How does the business you are in help other moms?
LC: My business helps other moms learn “where” to start and “how” to start her own company to gain the freedom she desires, build better businesses, learn techniques that can balance both business and home. My business provides other moms with the learning tools to succeed such as webinars, tele-seminars, workshops and most of all coaching and mentoring.

WIM: What is your proudest professional achievement?
LC: Self publishing my book Corporate Mom Dropouts and an interview on ABC NEWS as the Mompreneur.

WIM: What is your proudest personal achievement?
LC: My proudest personal achievement is publishing my book Corporate Mom Dropouts

Lucinda firmly believes that there is a strong similarity between giving birth to a child and giving birth to a business, which both include “a lot of love, dedication, commitment, hard work – and occasional frustrations.” In accordance with that belief, Lucinda has partnered with Traci Bisson, founder of The Mom Entrepreneur for the launch of a contest called, The Business Baby Shower. The contest will celebrate and create awareness of companies that are run by mothers.

Even though raising a family while running your business is fraught with challenges, Lucinda shows that entrepreneur moms likewise enjoy unique benefits and a very special sense of accomplishment. She is proof positive that with ambition and diligence, you can drop out of the corporate rat race and create a life you’ll love in business.

Could you leave the corporate world behind to strike out on your own in business?

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  • Love Lucinda, had the pleasure of personally meeting with her once and was featured in her book. She is so ambitious and determined, seeing people like this makes me happy. :)

    vera babayeva  |  February 22nd, 2010 at 12:47 am