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getting a “wicked start” for my new business

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I’ve been in a funk lately about my new business. While I think my business idea is solid, the growth potential high, and I’m incredibly excited about mobile, I’m feeling isolated and scattered and have gotten discouraged.

Just at the time when I was feeling like burying my head in the proverbial sand or running away, I received two interesting propositions:

1. Traditional Business Support - A friend of mine contacted me about his client who started a resource called Wicked Start. The site helps new and aspiring entrepreneurs to get their businesses started. While I’m not a new entrepreneur, even a serial entrepreneur can be considered a “new entrepreneur” because every new business is different not to mention the business climate, marketplace and even consumers. For all my business experience - and doling out business advice over the years - I still can find myself paralyzed at the exact moment when I should be hitting the ground running.

So I’ve signed up for a 90 day free trial to Wicked Start and will chronicle my experience with the site. If you’re feeling stuck with a business idea or not sure how to move your new business forward, join me!

To learn more and access the free trial offer valid through December 31, 2010, sign up with
promotional code WS3001 at

2. Non-Traditional Business Support - Another long-time friend of mine proposed something unusual but very interesting nonetheless. She is testing out some of her theories about intention, vision, and other aspects of our personal power and energy¬† and the energy of the universe and she’s looking for 12 individuals who want to explore their businesses not through a traditional process but from a more esoteric and spiritual place.

I’ve always considered myself non-religious but spiritual and while I serve up a healthy dose of skepticism with every new thing I encounter, I also consider myself fairly open to “far out” ideas and new ways of thinking and doing. Most of us know deep down that the way we are doing things is simply not sustainable either as individuals much less as a society - just look at our own individual burnout not to mention the terrible state of our planet.

I’m going to explore my business - and myself - in un-business-y terms to get to a higher place of being and doing that brings powerful and positive energy into what I’m going to do in business and in my life moving forward. This is incredibly exciting to me, and I hope to share this deeper journey with you as well.

At this moment, I’m open to anything. While the sand does look warm and inviting, I don’t think I should be burying my head in it so am grateful to have a few options that are available to me despite my remote location. Thank goodness for the Internet! And thank goodness for friends with interesting solutions for getting me out of the doldrums and back into my new business.

What are you doing to kickstart your business for the new year?

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  • This is great! I’ve got a new business idea I’m kicking around and I just don’t know where to begin to determine if it’s viable and what resources I’ll need to get started. Thanks!

    Jenn  |  December 8th, 2010 at 5:09 pm