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with Aliza Sherman

If you own a business - home-based or otherwise - this is the blog where you'll find practical tips and smart ideas about entrepreneurship. I've started and run 4 different businesses so "been there, done that." I'll also invite successful entrepreneurs to share their best advice with you.

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Diary of a mom-owned startup: Picking a name

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It is a New Year, and time to get back on track! I’ve been looking for ways to continue to support women - and moms - who are starting, running and growing their businesses. Writing Mom, Incorporated with Danielle Smith is part of fulfilling that mission. Creating a new blog ( and soon coming out with learning tools around technology (Tech for Humans) will be also be part of that process.

Another way I am trying to contribute is by continuing to mentor other women who are looking to start businesses. Recently, I asked one of the women - Danielle Elwood - to keep a startup diary about her new business. I’ll be sharing her diary entries along with some of my own comments as a way of teaching and inspiring others - like you!

In this entry, Danielle is struggling with naming her business. I blogged about this business dilemma back in 2008, and it’s a common one that many of us have as we embark on a new business venture. Here’s Danielle’s story.

Launching my own business has become a struggle, but the biggest problem I have come across has been coming up with a creative, descriptive, and fitting name. I even went as far to hold a virtual contest on my blog (, asking my readers to help me come up with something.

Being the picky soul I am — I didn’t pick any of the entries. I feel bad because my readers put forth their best creative effort, and my pickiness put the kibosh on all of them.

Finally, a couple days later, I was taking a shower with my mind running a mile a minute — like always. And it came to me! One Mom Digital Media.

But this wasn’t before I nixed dozens of names including my own personal name on the business. I didn’t want to have a self titled business like Danielle Elwood Media. I am not really sure why, but I guess I wanted to be able to expand some day and not have others be known under my name.

Breaking down One Mom Digital Media...

My business name starts with “One Mom” because obviously I am going into this project solo, and “Digital Media” because that is exactly what I am going to be offering. Social media, Facebook, Twitter, management, marketing - the new age of marketing for businesses

Here is to a successful endeavor and a diary to help other women entrepreneurs in my position!

As Danielle can attest, naming a business is often challenging. What I like about her name is that it is clear and descriptive. In some ways, however, the name might be almost as limiting as using her own name. It suggests there is only one person in the company so even when she expands to more than “One Mom,” the name doesn’t necessarily grow with her.

“Digital Media,” on the other hand, is a nice expansive term that can cover a host of services.

I do think that the name is evocative and could appeal to small businesses owned by women who want to work with other women-owned businesses or maybe even larger companies looking to reach moms. With that focus, Danielle could build a strong niche for herself, zeroing in on potential customers that fit a demographic or are trying to reach a demographic where she can demonstrate - and hone - an expertise.

For example, since she is a mom, I hired her to help with some of the social networking and communications around promoting Mom, Incorporated (yes, I’m a paying client). I feel in addition to having the appropriate skills, she is the book’s target reader, and that is a great benefit when someone is starting to manage a social community.

What do you think of Danielle’s business name? What is your company’s name and how did you come up with it?

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2 comments so far...

  • I am at the beginning stages of starting my home business. I have a great concept but however it is hard to narrow things down but I did. I have an EIN number, and a website not yet published. Along this journey it’sbeen really exciting so far.
    I’m writing because I value positive support for moms being that I am one and would love to be involved in any way.

    Reanna Potter  |  April 14th, 2012 at 8:54 am

  • I always find the process of picking names (business and otherwise) an interesting one. I’m currently working on starting up a business of my own and have already chosen a name - Sage Memoirs. I went through countless names, mostly doing google searches to make sure that whatever I ended up with would have an available domain name to match!

    I don’t have the website up and running yet but am currently pulling together my web content.

    Robin  |  November 5th, 2012 at 11:16 pm