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with Leah

I'm Leah--wife, mother, editor, writer, photographer, and rickrack apologist. There's craftiness in my DNA, but between the kids and my work and the house and the television and my blogs (http://www.agirlandaboy and, among others), I have to keep my projects quick and easy if I hope to finish them before my boys (born December 2008 and July 2012) graduate from college. You're a working mom and you're busy too, but if you still want to get your craft on, join me here for some fun projects!

15 Awesome Friendship Bracelet DIYs

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How are bracelets like friends? The more the merrier! (At least this is what I’m trying to convince myself as an introvert who’s generally conservative with accessories.)

I do love bracelets, though, and there’s something special about handcrafted ones, and something even more special about ones handcrafted with a certain person in mind. Have your kids made any new friends at school yet? Friendship bracelets would be a great project for an after-school playdate. Here are 15 designs I’m dying to try:

1. Papier mache bracelets from Better Homes and Gardens. Magazines and an empty tape roll, you guys. Yes.

2. Rope bracelet from Sew Craft Create. Calling this a “rope” bracelet makes it sound way less pretty than it actually is.

3. Wrapped chain bracelet from Honestly WTF. I couldn’t believe how easy this one is. I’m going to make a million of them.

4. Braided rope bracelet from a shopping bag handle from Sideoats and Scribbles. As a hoarder of fancy bags from fancy stores, this design speaks to me.

5. T-shirt bracelets from Family Chic. I love using old T-shirts to create new things.

6. Popsicle stick bracelets from Suzy’s Sitcom. This is a good one for little kids who might not be dextrous enough to weave or tie knots but who can definitely paint and scribble on a piece of wood.

7. Recycled T-shirt knotted bracelet from This Old Dress. This meandering video tutorial will teach you how to make a Chinese “Josephine” knot. Pretty cool!

8. Heart bracelet from Lovely Indeed. This is a take on the basic embroidery floss friendship bracelet you might have made when you were a kid.

9. Cord and button bracelet on Craftionary from Christine of DIY Dreamer. Quick and simple. The fun is in picking out your button. (This is a great one for boys.)

10. Striped wooden bangle bracelets from Martha Stewart. No roundup would be complete without Martha.

11. Washer and ribbon bracelet from Poppies at Play. I love an excuse to go to the hardware store.

12. Zipper bracelet from Elemental Carbon. This one requires some special jewelry-making tools, but the effect is pretty rock ‘n’ roll.

13. Jersey knit bracelet from V and Co. If you’ve never tried finger weaving before, this is a good project to try it out on. You can turn an old T-shirt into a bracelet in 5 minutes.

14. Not a DIY, but inspiration for what you can do with some string and a hollow charm (via Beyond/Beyond).

15. Cartier-esque bracelet from P.S. I Made This. Simple and lovely. Thanks, Cartier.

Which ones will you be making with your kids?

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