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DIY Glitter Dot Vase

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A while back, I saw on Instagram a photo of a bunch of flowers that were lovely in their own right but not quite as lovely as the vase. It was clear glass with sparkly gold polkadots, and what a shame it was to find out that it was a vintage hand-me-down and not something I could just order online for $9.99.

Then I realized, hey, I can totally make my own. So I did.


What you’ll need:

–tacky glue dots (I got a pack with three different sizes)
–super-fine glitter
–vase or empty jar
–foam craft brush


If this technique looks familiar, you might remember it from making sparkly polka dot Easter eggs last year. That’s pretty much what we’re doing, only onto glass instead of an egg.


Make sure your vase or jar is clean and dry, and then start applying your sticky dots. I applied mine in sheets, which kept the spacing even across the whole surface.


Other things that would look cute:

–a line of dots going around the center of the vase
–stripes of dots going vertically down the vase
–a heavy concentration of large dots at the bottom that gradually fades to fewer medium-sized dots and then sparse small dots


Shake glitter onto each dot and press it in with your finger. Make sure you do this over a piece of paper, so you can reuse the excess glitter.


When all your dots are covered, gently sweep the surface of your vase with a craft brush to remove glitter from the non-sticky parts and then you’re ready to use your pretty new vase.


Cute! Now go buy yourself some flowers, mama.


p.s. If you like upcycling empty jars and bottles for vases, make sure you check out that link to learn how to make these:

Screen shot 2014-03-04 at 4.15.51 PM

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