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Full Time, All the Time

with Britt Reints

Forget the 9 to 5; the demands of a working mom aren’t limited by a time clock. Full Time, All the Time is a blog about balancing the many roles of a modern woman - and maintaining your wellbeing while doing it. I am a writer, mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend and sometimes volunteer living in Pittsburgh. Oh, and I think you look pretty today.

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My financial reasons for getting healthy this year

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I asked my friends on Facebook to recommend a cleanse to start my 2012 off Gwyneth style.

I made a vision board that focused on health as a pathway to happiness.

I wrote about embracing the end of the year as a time to step back and relax, to regroup instead of moving forward.

So really, it’s my own fault that I spent about three weeks battling a combination of viruses I now refer to as the Iowa Plague. I basically asked to be knocked on my proverbial butt, forced to let work and my usual end-of-month organizing slide. My colon, I assure you, is cleansed.

Now that I’m feeling like myself again, I’ve gotten a bit philosophical about my latest bout with germs. (Seriously, you’d think no one had ever had a cold and stomach virus before as much as I’ve gone on about it. And still, I’m going on about it again here. You can imagine how fun I was when I was pregnant!)

I feel, oddly, like this prolonged and disruptive illness has helped me clarify a few thoughts for myself:

  • Being sick sucks. Obviously.
  • Being sick is expensive. I lose far more money by being unable to work for a week than I would by taking the time to care for health daily.
  • Everything that matters to me is easier when I’m healthy - happiness, success, peace.

Thoughts of general good health have been percolating in my head for months, and now it seems it is time to make it a priority in my life. Of course, I already have priorities in my life, and so this will be one more rock around which I’ll have to move the others.


Oh yes, I’ve tried to get healthier in the past. Haven’t we all?

But as a wise friend recently pointed out to me, what we’ve done in the past can’t dictate what we do now. My life was different six months ago, as were my priorities. Now I need to focus on finding solutions that fit into a mobile lifestyle, which means I won’t be eliminating restaurants, I can’t join a gym, and I’m not going to be purchasing any workout equipment. I have to create health habits that are just as flexible as my work habits have become, while still keeping my personal preferences in mind (like the fact that I hate running.)

I haven’t come up with all the answers yet, but I have a feeling that improving my health may be the best thing I can do for my business this year.

Do you find that your health impacts your bottom line? What are your best tips for keeping good health a priority?


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