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Full Time, All the Time

with Britt Reints

Forget the 9 to 5; the demands of a working mom aren’t limited by a time clock. Full Time, All the Time is a blog about balancing the many roles of a modern woman - and maintaining your wellbeing while doing it. I am a writer, mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend and sometimes volunteer living in Pittsburgh. Oh, and I think you look pretty today.

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4 Mid-day pick me ups to survive the work day

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(341/365) Yawn, I shouldn't be left alone in the officeFatigue is my nemesis. It’s the the most prominent side effect of my depression and my body’s go-to coping response for stress, illness, and just about everything else - including a long day at work. But I have big plans for myself and a lot of work to make those plans happen. So, I have to find a way to battle through the mid-day slumps, recharge, and get back to it. (And because I’m a weenie and would never sleep at night, another cup of coffee isn’t an option.)

These are a few tricks I’ve found to get over the natural lulls in my workday, downswings which I’m learning are actually important signs.
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How do you transition from mom to professional?

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Finding the Perfect Hat...PricelessI start my days as a mother. The drill is a familiar one to most mothers: make wake up call, encourage teeth and hair brushing, check children’s clothes for obvious stains or tears, check backpack for homework and papers that should have been signed the night before, slobber kids with hugs and kisses as they run out the door. My goal is to help my kids begin their day on the right foot, well loved and appropriately dressed. What happens next determines how prepared I’ll be for my own day.
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My financial reasons for getting healthy this year

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I asked my friends on Facebook to recommend a cleanse to start my 2012 off Gwyneth style.

I made a vision board that focused on health as a pathway to happiness.

I wrote about embracing the end of the year as a time to step back and relax, to regroup instead of moving forward.

So really, it’s my own fault that I spent about three weeks battling a combination of viruses I now refer to as the Iowa Plague. I basically asked to be knocked on my proverbial butt, forced to let work and my usual end-of-month organizing slide. My colon, I assure you, is cleansed.
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I need to do it all - before noon

Categories: balance, the juggle, working mobile, working mom


One of the things I appreciate about my lifestyle - that of a digital nomad who lives and works on the road full time - is that I am pretty much the boss of everything. I decide when I’ll work, play, and sleep. I pick which projects I’ll work on and which I’ll turn down. I get to choose whether I’ll accept or negotiate deadlines. I eat breakfast at noon if I want and have no consequences for spending the entire day in my pajamas. As you might imagine, it takes a fair amount of self discipline to keep this train on the tracks, what with no one waiting to tell me what to do.

I tend to keep that train moving by focusing first on activities that pay me. Specifically, I start my day with the highest paying tasks and move on down the list according to dollar amount and proximity of deadline. This perfectly sounds logical, yes?

Unfortunately, no one pays me to brush my teeth.
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Bracing for changes

Categories: balance, break from reality, the juggle, working mom


This is the last post I’ll write for Full Time, All the Time from the comfort of anything resembling an office. This is probably also the last week I can reasonably claim to work “full time.”

One week from today, my family and I are moving out of our suburban home and into a 24 foot travel trailer RV. For the next year, we’ll tow that portable house all over the United States with our old SUV, working and living in cities and campgrounds that promise free or cheap WiFi. My kids are calling it The Biggest Vacation Ever, but I won’t exactly be on vacation. I’ll still be working - although hopefully less than full time - because someone has to pay for the campground fees and cereal.

Things, they are a-changin’.

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Do you know how good you are at your job?

Categories: economy, office life, working mom


One of the most amazing women I know recently returned to work after being at home with her two boys for eight years. The transition happened a little earlier than she and her family had anticipated, but the perfect opportunity came along and she decided to jump on it. I’m excited for her and proud of her.

And I was completely shocked to learn that her confidence isn’t what it used to be.

This is a woman my husband has met exactly once and instantly admired and respected. This is a woman who is smart, compassionate, and articulate. This is a woman that other women want to be like when they grow up.

And it turns out she struggles with some of the same nerves and doubts that may of the rest of us do.

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Are business cards still useful?

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Last night, I began the process of making new business cards. (I would have finished the process, but I ran out of printer ink at 10:30 pm. Naturally.)

It pains me to spend the time and resources making new cards, even though my job description has changed significantly over the last few months. I still have well over a hundred perfectly good business cards (except for the outdated job description and really old picture). I have plenty left because I almost never hand them out.

It’s not that I don’t meet new people. I do, often.

But I also use technology to collect, store, and organize contact information. If you have an iPhone, I’ll use the Bump It app to swap details with you. If you’re on twitter, I’ll quickly start following you right from my phone. I rely on Google and Apple to work seamlessly together to keep my contacts organized.

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What I tell my kids about why I work - and why it matters

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Women have discussed at length the merits of being a working mom. Most of us are familiar with the myriad of reasons that mothers work when their children are young and there’s no need to rehash what has already been discussed and decided:

It’s the best choice for many of us.

However, I’ve become much more aware recently of what I tell my kids about why I work.

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Should you lead with the stick or the carrot?

Categories: office life, relationships, working mom


I spend a great deal of my life trying to motivate other people to do things.  Whether it’s asking my children to pick up their rooms or encouraging writers to meet deadlines, I’m often relying on other people to do their part to make my day go smoothly.  Such is life when no man (or woman) is an island, I suppose; even the most resourceful and self reliant among us must learn how to inspire action in someone else at some point.

The question is not if we’ll have to motivate others, but how we’ll choose to do it.  Specifically, will we rely on negative or positive reinforcement?

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How much can you get done in a day?

Categories: working mom


I have a tiny bit of an obsession with productivity.

I am always looking for ways to accomplish more in less time, aspiring to be at least as productive as the First Lady. I’ve experimented with planners and list systems and giving up sleep, all in the name of doing more.  I stumbled across an interesting productivity tip recently that has made me completely re-evaluating the way I think about “getting things done”.  Unfortunately, I can’t find the original article or author who gave me the idea, but the idea itself is impossible to forget:

Do three things every day.

Not five or 10 - three.  Can you imagine?  Just three tasks every single day!

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