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I'm Mama Harris, the wife and mother to a large blended and multicultural family. In my lifetime I've been a single mom, a step-mom, a working mom and now a stay at home mom. My kids range in age from toddler to newly adult and I write about my kitchen adventures and the variety of foods and recipes I feed my family at From the Kitchen of Mama Harris. I've experienced all aspects of mommy-hood and look forward to sharing my kitchen tips, tricks, recipes and shortcuts!

8 “Must-Have” Kitchen Appliances to Save Time

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You may have seen my other lists for kitchen utensil essentials as well as pantry essentials, so I thought I’d compile a list of some essential gadgets and small appliances that are wonderful additions to the kitchen.

All of these gadgets are created in order to save you time, which is perfect for the busy mom!

  • Electric mixer. Whether it’s a hand mixer or a stand mixer, you definitely need an electric mixer of some kind. Especially essential if you like to bake.
  • Food Processor. A food processor is one of the ultimate time savers. Need to chop onions, garlic and vegetables? A task that could easily take half an hour takes just five minutes with a quality food processor.
  • Quality Blender. I’ve had cheap blenders and I’ve had good, quality blenders. The difference is astounding. Invest in a good blender with sharp blades and it will definitely be an asset to your kitchen.
  • Hand Blender. An immersion blender, also known as a hand blender, is a wonderful little tool. Make soups, broths and bisque’s in a snap with one easy tool.
  • Slow Cooker. A good slow cooker is the ultimate time saver for the busy mom. Throw ingredients in the night before or the morning of and eight hours later you’re left with flavorful, moist dishes that are ready to serve.
  • Rice Cooker. A rice cooker is a must have for perfect rice every time.
  • Waffle Maker. Waffle makers are a fun kitchen gadget. In addition to your typical waffle recipe, there’s many alternative recipes out there that use a waffle maker. Think mashed potatoes on the waffle maker, or even refrigerated biscuits! This little gadget will add to your kitchen recipes in a snap.
  • Food Scale. Many recipes measure by ounce or grams rather than cups or spoons, so it makes sense to have a decent food scale on hand in order to accurately follow your recipes.
What are your favorite kitchen gadgets that you can’t live without?

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