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I'm Mama Harris, the wife and mother to a large blended and multicultural family. In my lifetime I've been a single mom, a step-mom, a working mom and now a stay at home mom. My kids range in age from toddler to newly adult and I write about my kitchen adventures and the variety of foods and recipes I feed my family at From the Kitchen of Mama Harris. I've experienced all aspects of mommy-hood and look forward to sharing my kitchen tips, tricks, recipes and shortcuts!

Easy And Very Merry Desserts

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The holiday season can be such a stressful time of year, and it always seems we are short on time. Longer lines, more traffic, shorter days, colder nights.. there’s a general busy rush that washes over us during this time of year.

Add to that the stress of planning for the holiday season. Whether you go away for the holidays or host your very own party, chances are at some point you’ll be a part of some sort of holiday celebrations. Even when attending a hosted party, I always ask if there’s something I should bring.

Now you can be ahead of your game with some easy and fun desserts that can be prepared in a pinch. These are great ideas for any type of holiday occasion, casual to elegant, sit down meal to pot luck. Save time and stress less!

Parfaits. These little treats can pack a punch. They’re so easy to create and can be a showstopper in the right packaging. Choose champagne glasses for an added touch of elegance.
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Christmas Beef Roast - It Doesn’t Have To Be Hard!

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A few years ago I was planning my Christmas dinner menu. I wanted to do something unique and special for the main course, without being too out of the ordinary. I mean, it needed to be something I don’t make every day, but not so unique that my kids had no interest in eating. I ended up looking through so many cookbooks, magazines, and websites. I was looking at really fancy ideas, with very expensive recipes. Things like crown Pork Crown Roast or Rack of Lamb. I realized I was totally overthinking it, and it didn’t have to be that hard!

I came up with a simple, slowcooked beef roast with little cherry or grape tomatoes and roasted garlic that was absolutely delicious. The best part? The red wine sauce I created to go with it.
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