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Road trip supplies for older kids

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Paul has started a new annual tradition of taking the two older kids on a road trip each summer. Here are some of the supplies I bought for them this year, when they were ages 11 and 13:

The Hunger Games trilogy (photo from Both kids read the first book, but we’ve spent the rest of the summer on the library waiting list for the second one. This was the perfect moment to finally give in and buy the set. And there was no fighting over it, because one kid wanted to re-read the first book before reading the second one, and the other kid didn’t.

Brain Quest for the Car (photo from We’ve loved these Brain Quest cards for littler kids; I hadn’t realized they had sets for older kids. I first considered the set for 7th graders (one child is going into 6th, the other into 8th), but this car-trip set seemed more fun. I worried it might be too young for them (it’s marked ages 7-12), and probably would have gotten the America set (ages 9 and up) if it hadn’t had a predicted shipping delay.

The National Geographic Kids’ Ultimate Road Trip Atlas (photo from I was considering this already, but thought it might be too Educational/Boring. Then William said to Paul, “Could we bring some sort of ATLAS so we can see where we’re going?” Ordered within microseconds.

The Stickman Odyssey, Book 2 (photo from Last year they ran out of books and stopped at a bookstore to pick a few. The most popular choice BY FAR was The Stickman Odyssey, Book 1, which they each read more than once on the trip and have read multiple times since. I hope the author comes out with a new one each year.

12-in-1 Magnetic Travel Game Set (photo from I thought this would be really good, but neither boy had any interest in it.

Melissa and Doug Habitats Reusable Sticker Set (photo from This is what _I_ would have wanted if _I_ were an older child on a car trip. The boys weren’t interested so I didn’t get it, but perhaps you have a child more like Young Swistle.


What things do you like to bring along for older kids on long car trips?

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2 comments so far...

  • Our older kids get a new DSi game on our long summer trip. I troll Amazon’s sale section looking for games with good reviews for under $10.

    Nowheymama  |  August 23rd, 2012 at 11:54 am

  • Plastic Cups! I believe these may be the greatest invention–ever. They can hold snacks, drinks, crayons, toys, etc in the car. They make awesome sandcastles at the beach, and perfect for bath time play. They make my life easier. And that is my “Ode to Plastic Cups”

    Stacy Kent  |  August 23rd, 2012 at 3:17 pm