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I'm a dreamer, writer and actor obsessed with classic television, lace, baking and quoting Ace Ventura (one of these things is not like the other). I like to believe that my life is just like a Disney movie with an Alan Menken soundtrack except the stepmom's not so evil. When I married my husband, David, in October of 2012, I fell madly, deeply in love with my two stepchildren, Chloe and Trey. It's incredibly hard to balance being a stepmom every other weekend with the rest of my life, but it is 100% worth it. You can find more stories about my family at my personal blog, fairytangles!

Prepping for New Baby: Early Stages

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Before David and I were even trying for a baby, I was baby-crazy. I can admit this. One of my favorite hobbies was, and always will be, walking through the baby section of Target or Macy’s, cooing over the impossibly small onesies and running my hands along the edges of a crib. I would pick out the swing I liked best, which crib sheets would match my future nursery theme and, ahem, have even been known to read reviews on breast pumps in my spare time.

But, the minute I found out I was pregnant, all of those things seemed totally overwhelming. The thought of sitting down to pick the bouncer that is going to give my baby the utmost comfort so Mama can take a shower terrified me. Trying to decide if I wanted a bassinet, a Moses basket, a Rock ‘n’ Play or just a crib filled me with worry and hand-wringing. Even looking at clothes started to make me sweat; if the baby’s born in July, will it even fit in these long-sleeved onesies by October?

Honestly, I think my sense of panic has come from being brought up in such a “consumer” generation. Also, you know, these “mommy blogs” that have taken over. Everyone has the exact thing that worked for their kid, and everyone is convinced that this exact thing is the best. It’s no longer enough to just have a swing, like my mom did for all three of her kids, but now we need a swing, a bouncer, a doorway jumper, an exersaucer, a playmat, a walker and perhaps a separate home to store all of these. We have to have it all, because you guys? That baby that weighs 7lbs and can’t really focus its eyes? That baby needs options.

I’ve calmed down a bit in the past few weeks, and I’ve also stopped reading Amazon reviews and consumer reports. THIS IS VITAL. It doesn’t matter if there are seven thousand five star ratings on a swing, the minute I see one two star rating, I doubt my choice. I’m trying to focus on the fact that all my baby really needs for the first year is something to eat, something to wear and somewhere to sleep. I can handle those things. The rest is all extra, nothing that requires waking up sweaty in the middle of the night to change my baby registry.

We’ve yet to buy anything big for the baby either. I think the longer we wait, the easier my decisions will be. We have a highchair, one I bought secondhand a month or so before I was pregnant (Because it’s an antique and it was $20) and we have a crib picked out. I’ve bought several little outfits off of stores’ winter clearance racks, and am trying not to fret about if the baby will actually fit into a six month outfit by January. We will be okay. All of us will be okay.

So baby prepping in the early stages? Filled with lots of panic, refreshing of eighteen browser tabs as I check on eighteen different baths, and remembering that these are early days. The prep work I should be most concerned about right now is my family, our big kids, and keeping this baby healthy while he/she is still a part of me.

Oh… and not reading the “labor” section of the pregnancy books yet. Because hoo boy. I can wait on that, too.

What kind of prepping for baby did you do in these early months? Were you anxious to buy baby gear or overwhelmed?

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