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Raindrops on Roses, Snowflakes on Windows

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Hello! Did you know that today is not Thursday? You did? Then why didn’t you clue me in on this fact. This whole Christmas thing has just ruined my already tenuous grasp of what day of the week it is. Such is a hazard of working at home, where everyday is a working day.

The week between Christmas and New Year’s Day is by far my most favorite time of year. It is a time when you can have all of the fun of the holidays, but none of the soul sucking stress. And it can be soul sucking, can’t it? Even when you try not to let all of the stress get to you, it does. Because all of those people out shopping and in your way all the time, it can inspire target aisle rage. And by you, I mean me.

But this week after Christmas, we like to decorate the house for New Years, bake our gingerbread house, and make more cookies. Because we can always use an excuse for cookies.


I came across this snowflake garland at Apartment Therapy that is part of a display at Anthropologie. Oh how fun, I thought! We could make something like a cut snowflake curtain! How fun would that be.

And you know what I realized as we began doing this… that it would be fun. If I had my own Chinese sweatshop filled with workers adept with small pointy scissors. Instead I have a few easily distracted children, with questionable eye hand co-ordination, and safety scissors.

After a few failed attempts I had to revise my expectations.

I wanted to make bunches and bunches of these:


But they proved way too difficult for any of my children who had the slightest interest in doing the project. I did find some patterns online that my 8 yr old was able to do with ease.


(I’ll provide links at the bottom of the post directing you to all of the patterns I found.) But nothing for the younger set.

So I had to make my own pattern. Which sounds easy, but really isn’t when you lack the crafty Martha gene.

And because surely there are others of you who are similarly afflicted, and have lots of daylight to burn during the holiday week, I will share my easy instructions. I am giving like that.

Step One: Gather some paper, scissors, and a pen. If you don’t have these things then I am sorry. You can’t do the craft. I don’t mean just now, I mean ever. You are beyond help.

Step Two:

You need to have a perfect square. If you are using copy paper, like I am, you will need to do this.

Step Three:


Then cut off that bottom strip. I am cutting with my left hand and I am not even left handed. Just so I can take a photo with my right hand. See what I do for you?

Step Four:



Step 5:


Fold in half.

Step 6:


Fold in half again.

Step 7:


Fold into a triangle.

I do not know why my fingers look like fat purple sausages here. They really don’t look like that in real life. I swear.

Step 8:

I drew half of a heart shape onto the triangle so that it is touching on both of the folded sides. I don’t know why I didn’t photograph this part. Perhaps I wanted to add a little drama by eliminating the single most important part.

Step 9:

But I did photograph my 4 yr old daughter cutting out the heart shape.


Step 10:


More than one photograph, in fact.

Step 11:


Open up the paper folds carefully, but with a flourish.

Step 12:


This is what you have so far. Kind of boring. But maybe you can convince your child that it is a snowflake.

Step 13:


Fold it all back up the way it was and draw another little half heart shape. Give it to your child to cut out.

Step 14:


You now have this. The little imperfections just make it that much more special. If you are a perfectionist like me you might need to remind yourself of this a few times.

Step 15:


Needs a little more.

Step 16:


Just a little bit more.

As a bonus here is my bloated purple hand that should belong to a dead pleurisy victim.

Step Will This Ever End:


Step Almost Over I Need a Stiff Drink:

I took some white thread out of my sewing kit and strung the snowflakes onto varying length pieces of thread. Then I used the ever classy scotch tape to hang the snowflakes from the interior window trim.


We ended up with a combination of intricate ones that I made, semi-intricate ones that my 8 yr old made, and the simple ones I provided instructions for above made by my 4 yr old. All together, strung up from the window, they make a nice decorative garland. Nicer than I thought they would look.

We also made these:


Links for snowflake templates:

Paper snowflakes

Hawaiian snowflakes

Ben & Jerry’s ice cream snowflakes

Still Feeling Crafty? What about a snowflake chandelier?

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9 comments so far...

  • I should show you a picture of my Christmas tree. My kids have put every rainbow construction paper snowflake they made on the tree. I makes my neck tick a bit looking at it, but on another level it is pretty.

    Now, the trash it creates doesn’t only make my eye twitch; it makes my head spin!

    Chris says: You should show us a photo of your tree! I love home made decorations. Sometimes I need to be reminded that the process is what matters, not the finished project.

    Joy H  |  December 30th, 2007 at 3:06 am

  • Very cool idea! I think my kids are the right age for this as well.

    Julie  |  December 30th, 2007 at 3:22 am

  • when my son was younger, we made snowflakes one year and hung them from our entranceway and loft. We used coffee filters and then decorated them with glitter. They were so pretty I left them up until April.

    (OK, I was just too lazy to take them down.)

    Chris says: I thought briefly about bringing out the glitter. But couldn’t do it.

    kalisah  |  December 30th, 2007 at 5:20 am

  • The kids and I used to make snowflakes and then I would tape thread to them and hang them from the ceilings. It created a lovely, winter effect. Didn’t do them this year, but we had a blast making lanterns from tins. They turned out beautifully.

    Chris says: I am so glad you enjoyed the tin lanterns! We have really loved ours also.

    t in hd  |  December 30th, 2007 at 4:07 pm

  • I think I need to make some snowflakes with the kiddos tomorrow. Last year we made the giant ones you linked to (last year) and they were beautiful. Everytime I walked in the door and saw them they made me smile. :)

    Jill A.  |  December 31st, 2007 at 12:59 am

  • this is amazing, and beautiful! when my son gets older we are so going to make snowflakes! i think my hubby is a tiny bit scared (i sent him the gingerbread house and he just looked at me like ‘are you serious? no’ he is fun, he just doesnt want to clean up the kitchen!)

    so because you dont have enough to do, remember to repost (recycle! look how green you are!) in about 5 years :)

    Kate  |  December 31st, 2007 at 2:53 pm

  • I just had to respond that that made me laugh out loud. And now I actually do want to make some.

    Jen  |  December 31st, 2007 at 5:57 pm

  • I love making snowflakes too, I even treated myself to a small and pointy pair of scissors this year. I like the pause between Christmas and New Year also, particularly if there is food left over which needs finishing up before the resumption of healthy eating in January!

    Jane  |  January 1st, 2008 at 9:40 pm

  • Oh I love this! I put up my grandmother’s crocheted snowflakes after the Christmas decorations come down…helps things feel less empty and boring for the long winter ahead.

    aimee  |  January 2nd, 2008 at 5:11 pm