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Packing the Christmas decorations

Categories: Organization, Tips and Tricks

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Every year, I promise myself that I’m going to put the holiday decorations away properly.

I even plan to go out and buy things on sale for next year so I’ll be prepared.

However, I somehow talk myself out of it saying, “I’ll just take care of it next Christmas”.

But, now? This is my year.

I may have missed the sales (we’ve been out of town a couple of times), but I’m going to get a grip on storing this stuff if it’s the last thing I do.

Here’s my plan so far:

1. Get rid of worn/broken items and things we don’t actually display. We have quite a bit of Christmas decor as a result of being on a tour of homes thing (long story) several years ago. I don’t really have a need for the “all out” decorating scheme anymore, so it’s time to thin out the collection.

2. Make sure we have proper storage containers and decide what goes in each. While I don’t want to fall into the trap of buying boxes to contain junk, I do want to have what we need, and home organizing things are on sale right now.

3. Divide items into categories such as soft items (stockings, towels, tablecloths etc.), knick-knacks, garland and lights, fragile items, tree ornaments, outside decorations and kids’ personalized items.

4. Re: kids’ personalized items. A couple of years ago, I bought 3 identical plastic boxes for each of my kids. They each have a nativity set and personalized ornaments from each year, so these things go in their labeled box. They like to unpack them each year, and eventually I can present them with their box when they have homes of their own.

5. Plan for where the boxes will be stored. Most of our decorations go in the closet in the dining room, but I don’t want the boxes to outgrow the closet or anything, so I want to make sure they all fit before I pack everything.

6. Pack everything logically and carefully, even if it takes a long time.

We’ll see how I do as it’s just now underway, but I’m going to try to make sure Christmas 2012 me thanks (instead of curses) Christmas 2011 me.

Do you have any tips for storing Christmas decorations? I’m all ears.

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One comment so far...

  • Every year I say the same thing! This year, I was good about ditching ornaments I didn’t use/like, AND we made a big step in organizing. I hand-wrote a list of what we packed in each container and then taped it to the inside of the storage lid, so next year, when we go to take down Christmas we’ll know what fits in what box.
    Years ago I tried to categorize storage by category (tree ornaments vs nativity vs mantle, etc. but found that it’s generally easier to pack items based on size and not on category. I use fewer boxes b/c I just put things where they fit. That said, I do like the idea of giving each kid their own box — both my mom and my mother-in-law give each of my children a new ornament every year, so they’ve got quite a collection going — plus the ones they make in Sunday school, etc. Both kids have their own nativity scenes too, but we we just leave those out. Hm.

    Ami  |  January 17th, 2012 at 10:26 am