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Mobile banking tames chaos

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Mobile banking is one of my favorite ways to tame the disorder in my life.

To no one’s surprise, as my kids have gotten older I’ve found myself handing money out more frequently. As you might imagine, distributing money on the fly can sometimes create havoc in the ol’ checking account balance as we can lose track of our balance when we’re out and about.

When I was growing up, if I was lucky, my mother or father would hand me a $20 before I went somewhere, but these days, our kids aren’t always with us when they need money. This becomes especially significant when they first start driving and may have spent inadvertently spent their gas money on lunch or clothes (Let’s just say I’ve heard *ahem* of other people’s kids doing stuff like that) and they need to get home from somewhere.

Both of these describe instances can be remedied with a touch of my smart phone. Since my bank has a mobile banking app, I can easily check my bank balance, and if one of my kids needs money or it’s time to pay them their allowance, I can do it, no matter where I am. It’s nice not to have to worry about getting to an ATM or a computer,

Another mobile banking benefit some banks have is mobile deposit. We have one account where you can deposit checks by scanner with a desktop computer, or we can even take a picture of the check with a smart phone and deposit them that way. That nifty feature has saved me lots of trips to the bank, and my older kids can quickly deposit checks from work and babysitting.

If you have a smart phone, I highly encourage you to check with your bank about any mobile banking features they offer. My experience has been that it’s safe, convenient and easy to learn, but alas it hasn’t solved the problem of not enough money.

Do you save time by doing your banking on a smart phone? Tell us about it!

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