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School supply shopping at home

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I hope I’m not rudely interrupting your summer or anything, but school is only a few weeks away around here and the school supplies are here! Yes, I’m one of those people who LOVES school supplies.

I get excited to plan a trip to the store and get the things on the list. When I was a kid, our mothers used to take my friend and me out to eat lunch and school supply shopping every year after registration. I even tried to establish that tradition with my kids and their friends, but it turned out that girls are much more into it than boys, so we had a few good years with my daughter and her friends.

Going school supply shopping by myself doesn’t deter me, though. I eagerly anticipate heading to the store with my lists ready to collect new boxes of crayons (my favorite), lots of #2 pencils, fun folders and just the right notebooks. Everything’s so orderly and shiny, I love the smell and you can’t beat the prices.

One thing I like to do is buy a lot of duplicate items from the lists. I buy extras of things my kids use a LOT of and we store it in the “school supply bucket” in the closet. My kids are really tough on things like pencils, markers and 1″ binders and they inevitably remember they need more for school at 11pm on Sunday, so I try to keep them on hand. The school supply bucket is also a place to keep things from the previous school year that can be used again such as pencil boxes and scissors.

It’s nice to be able to “shop” for school supplies at home and you know I don’t hate buying extras. Contrary to what the picture looks like, I do keep it in order and weed out the things that don’t get used for a couple of years.

What school supplies are you always replenishing? Do you keep extras on hand or do you just run by the store as needed? Talk to me about school supplies in the comments!

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One comment so far...

  • I try to keep extras on hand, especially after running out at midnight one night for *permanent* double-sided tape (who knew it came in removable and permanent? It was not funny when we stood the project up and everything fell off the display board. Well, it was kinda funny.)

    Unfortunately the extras didn’t always end up all sorted neatly together.
    Since the move 2 years ago I’m starting to unpack some boxes (some are from the previous move in 1997) that are full of office supplies. It’s like Christmas. I’m up to three full boxes of 3-tab file folders (new) and one full box empty but used.

    I have a full pack of #2 pencils, minus 2 pencils, from every time a kid took an SAT, ACT, or AP test. Could never find them the night before the test, so it was off to the store for a new pack.

    I’ve also found a ton of 3-ring binders and they’re all lined up in the bookcase sorted by size and color. :) What I’d really like to come across is a trove of printer ink, but what I’m finding are a lot of unlabeled floppy disks.

    amy324  |  July 19th, 2012 at 3:51 am