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5 items for a great guest room

Categories: Entertaining, Organization

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We’re fortunate to have a guest room, and we really enjoy having people stay with us, and we’ve certainly put it to use, lately. While will never be mistaken for a 5-star hotel, I enjoy making sure it has what it needs to make people comfortable.

Here are 5 items I make sure that we provide for our guests:

A good bed - The guest room isn’t really a great place to put your oldest mattress. Test out your own guest bed and make sure it’s comfortable. If a new mattress isn’t in the budget, consider investing in a good foam mattress topper or even a high quality air mattress to make things more comfortable for your guests.

A place to put luggage - I always try to make sure guests have a place to put a suitcase or a bag besides the floor. We have an empty, low table near the bed that’s a great size for a suitcase, but I’m in the market for a luggage rack.

Guest toom

Clock - While it’s true that most people have cell phones to check the time when they’re on the road, it drives me crazy when I’m staying somewhere without a clock. Sometimes, you just need to glance at the time quickly in the middle of the night. It’s also important to make sure the clock has the accurate time, so be sure to check the guest room after a power failure since a flashing “12:00″ isn’t an accurate time.

Power outlets - These days, people travel with all sorts of electronic gear that needs to be charged. We live in an old house where power outlets aren’t always conveniently located, so I keep a power strip on the guest room table so our guests don’t have to crawl under the table or behind a dresser to plug in a computer. We also have an iPhone dock on the table that several of our guests have appreciated.

Wifi information - We keep a card by the guest bed with the wireless Internet information on it. I know I always appreciate that information when I travel, and I’ve been known to do some “sleuthing” in friends’ houses when I find that it’s late at night, and I’ve forgotten to ask my host for it.

How about you? Tell us in the comments below what guest room touches do you like to provide or receive?

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One comment so far...

  • I put the Wifi info on a yellow index card. My place is super tiny so no guest room however, that doesn’t stop people from visiting. :) Love that. I make sure that the bathroom is spotless and that they have their own towel, soap bar, and bath gel. Even though I live in Miami, my apartment is almost always super cold at night so I give them an extra blanket if they need it. I leave fruit out on a bowl and give the people a mini tour of my bookshelf.

    Nathasha Alvarez  |  September 4th, 2012 at 7:45 pm