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Stuck Again

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Yep, my weight loss journey is at a stand still again. Now that the wedding has past, I knew I had to set a goal to keep me on track, but it’s been difficult adjusting to the new school schedule.

Being a solo mom all week, driving the kids to New Town from the rental so they can attend the school they would be in if the house was built, cooking, cleaning, shopping…well I’ll be honest and say although my intentions are good, I’m falling into a funk with snacking and not going to the gym.

My weight hasn’t gone up though. It has stayed exactly where it was the day of the wedding, so I’m happy I’m not gaining but I really need to kick my own butt.

I did go to the gym in New Town on Tuesday after I dropped the kids at school. I found myself dragging through the workout, thinking everyone in New Town was somehow slimmer, prettier, better than me.

Do you do that? I know it’s stupid, but sometimes my self esteem takes a dive in new situations.

I also found the women’s only section very claustrophobic because there are no windows and it’s very small. So maybe if I try the co-ed section I won’t feel so blah about the gym.

A friend of mine is trying the South Beach diet, and has had a 10lb success in the 1st week. I’ve ordered the books and will give it a whirl when they arrive.

Anyway, I couldn’t very well blog about weight loss if I wasn’t actually working on it this week. Until I get my act together, please enjoy a few links that might motivate you better than I can right now:

Carmen shares her favorite after-dinner 150 calories (or less) snacks.

Cranky Fitness loses it over treadmills and ellipticals that were made for kids. (What??)

Diet Blog asks the question: Could photographing meals boost weight loss?
(BY DOUBLE! Where the heck is my camera?)

Ann-Marie tells us about the Weight Watchers Lose for Good campaign.

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2 comments so far...

  • Any fad diet (i.e. South Beach) will only work so long as you are on it. Unless you change your eating permanently, you will gain the weight back. Been there. Done that. Just a friendly warning.

    Robyn  |  September 12th, 2008 at 4:07 pm

  • yup, i agree with robyn! if you want to try a ‘healthy’ approach/version i would try the Weight Watchers core - no counting points etc, just eat from the list of foods (basically fat free, sugar free and 1 serving of grains per day). They do a much better job of teaching you a healtier way to eat in ‘real life’ - cheats and all!

    that said, sometimes just recognizing what you are doing to sabatoge yourself is step 1! the new gym (and all new people) certainly would cause me to want to go into hide-out mode! you know they are all looking at you, you just havent realized they are saying “who is THAT, she looks fantastic! hmm wonder if she is new? wonder what she does? does she work?” etc. none of them are thinking ‘ew’ LOL!!

    kate  |  September 13th, 2008 at 11:10 pm