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Walking it, baby: Making the most of the season

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This is officially my favorite time of year.*

Yep, when the leaves start falling, it feels like time to strap on the walking shoes.  Time for a little crunch action underfoot.  Put your kid in the stroller, grab an apple for Mr. I’m-too-big-for-a-stroller Preschooler and another for yourself, and get out there and enjoy the next month or so of gorgeousity.  The colors are intense and the air is a little crisp.  It feels really alive, yet when you get back home, your ears a little reddened by the slight bite of the wind that you never felt because you were too busy enjoying those rays of sunlight arching through the trees overhead, you feel really glad to be indoors again.  Glowing.  Completely alive.

There’s a reason this feels so good.

Change.  We are all about change.  We are wired to feel the pull of the seasons as they dance around the wheel of the year.  When there is change in the air, we take a big deep breath and dive in.  Which means this is a perfect time to get all meditational, because walking is an awesome way to enhance self-awareness.

Here’s why:

1. It’s rhythmic. Your whole body is moving to a beat, and it resonates right through you, bringing you into a relaxed-yet-aware state.

2. You’re steeped in beauty. Autumn is truly magnificent in many areas; I hope yours is one of them!  Enjoy the leaves falling around you, the colors that change daily, the cooler air.

3. Hey, your kids! Remember them? Yeah, they’re right there with you.  If you’re lucky, Stroller Dude will fall asleep and Mr. Preschooler’s mouth will be too busy with his apple to talk much, thus affording you some precious minutes in which to lose yourself in whatever thoughts arise.  (If not there’s always duct tape.)

4. Movement enhances creativity. Got an issue you can’t solve? Take a walk and let your creative juices flow a little. This is a good time to plan Halloween costumes too.

5. Enjoy simply being outside and being alive. Because, well, why not?

What’s your favorite outdoor thing to do in autumn?

*Assuming you’re in the northern hemisphere.  If not, you’re entering my 2nd favorite time of year.  Everything else still applies. so read on!

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2 comments so far...

  • We take the kids to the park and soak up every outdoor moment that we can.

    angella  |  October 2nd, 2008 at 5:08 pm

  • It really is my favorite time of year, too. I love the farmers’ market in late summer and early fall. And the tree colors? Fabulous. I enjoy the simple pleasures of opening the door to my deck for fresh, cool air — at least until we need the heat on.

    Daisy  |  October 8th, 2008 at 5:36 pm