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Circumcision: kindest cut or mutilation?

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Why should I care about your kid’s penis? Well, because you care about it. And assuming your kid has a penis, at some point you had to make a decision about circumcision. Did you or didn’t you? That’s the question being thrown around amid passion and tears over on Momversations this week.

I have two sons. They are both intact. When the first was born 13 years ago, there we were in the hospital and the doctor started talking about circumcision. I assumed it was routine. I hadn’t thought about it.
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Do we want sex ed in our kindergartens?

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In a word: yes. Yes, we want sex ed in our kindergartens. Yes, we want our kids growing up empowered and informed. Yes, we want to remove stupid social taboos about talking about our bodies. Yes, we want our kids to grow up loving themselves and holding one another in esteem and respect.

But while I love the idea of teaching our kids—when they are still kids and not sexualized mini almost-adults—about sex, I have some serious problems with the idea. Serious.
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