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Need help with grocery shopping? There are apps for that.

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By Sugar Jones from Sugar In The Raw

Freelancing evokes images of hours of free time in between a few short meetings or a little time at the desk. While the flexibility to be present in my family’s daily lives is wonderful, our schedules can sometimes become quite inflexible. Finding some quiet time to relax and regroup can be a real challenge.
There are so many organizational apps available for iPhones and Droids these days. So many choices, in fact, that you might become overwhelmed. Let’s narrow it down to one task that can’t be postponed: Grocery Shopping.

I don’t know about you, but mental reminders never work when my schedule gets overloaded. Having to go back to the store for forgotten items wastes precious time, as well as fuel. Before heading to the store for the third time to get the toilet paper you forgot, check out these apps:


Cozi allows you to create a family account that everyone can access and add to. So if Darling Daughter uses the last roll of paper towels or Dearest Husband drinks the last of the sparkling waters, they can add the item to the list so that whoever goes to the store next (and you know it will be you) can see what’s needed.

If you’re brain is fried after a week of non-stop meetings, you might not be feeling very creative in the kitchen. The Cozi meal planning feature will give you easy dinner ideas and even add the ingredients to your shopping list for you! Added bonus: items can be organized by aisle by dropping and dragging on the go.


As they state on their website, “Neer uses your phone’s location to make life a bit less complicated.” They recently launched the next phase of their design: pop-up reminders. Imagine going to the grocery store and, as you walk in, your shopping list pops up. No more forgotten toilet paper! Even better is that the reminder will pop up if someone else in your Neer Inner Circle gets to the store before you.

Intuition App

This colorful app also allows you to set up tasks by location. But as the name suggests, it’s intuitive. It does a little thinking for you. Based on your location, notifications will pop up on your phone screen, reminding you that you are near a favorite store and that you may possibly be out of almond milk. (I usually remember when my kids go to serve themselves cereal only to find an empty space in the fridge where the carton is supposed to be.) Additionally, you will receive alerts for offers and tips to places similar to the locations you frequent or for items that you typically purchase. Locations and offers are pinpointed on a map for you to see.

Hopefully, with the aid of these apps, you can find a little time for yourself. You’ve been working hard… you deserve it!

Do you have any grocery or time saving apps that you can’t live without?

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