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A Starting Point for Couponing and Deal Finding

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By Deanna from Money Saving Frugal Mom

With the new episodes of TLC Extreme Couponing airing weekly the buzz about couponing and saving in general has exploded!  Now, we have to remember that the show is airing Extreme saving scenarios.  I want to show you some effective ways to coupon and find great deals that are more realistic.

Coupons-Where to find them

Coupon inserts in your newspaper are a great place to start, especially the Sunday paper.  You can also try to write, call or email companies who manufacture products you use often and inquire about coupons.

I try to organize my coupons at night after the kids are in bed and I only cut out the coupons I am going to use.   Extra coupons are saved in a file folder and either traded or I give them to friends who will use them.  Sometimes I will get things for free with coupons and donate it if it is an item I do not use or need.

When I started couponing I used a check sized file folder.  Once I really got into couponing I found that the file folder was no longer efficient.  I upgraded to a coupon binder and I love it!  I purchased a Case It! binder and baseball card plastic binder inserts.  My coupons are tidy and easy to access.

Some other great places to look for coupons are tear pads on the store shelves.  Printable coupons are available on most store websites.  Printable coupons are so convenient, you can  print off free coupons from the following websites:

  • Free Coupons! Save on your favourite brands. Print free coupons before you shop. Click Here
  • where you can find the best samples, coupons, sweepstakes and freebies from your favourite big brands specially chosen by women for women Click Here
  • Cellfire Save grocery coupons directly to your supermarket savings card with Cellfire. Click Here
  • Cool Savings Save over $75 a week on your favorite top brands. Sign up now for grocery coupons, pet coupons and product samples. Click Here
  • Puppy Chow Join the Healthy Start Program and get your $2 off coupon! Click Here
  • Grocery Coupon Network 100% FREE registration to receive free printable coupons, exclusive email savings, recipes and helpful grocery savings tips. Click Here
  • Coupon Network-Coupon Network offers savings and coupons that you will not find anywhere else. Click Here

Shopping Deals

Your first stop to locating the best deals of the week should be your local store flyers.  What I like to do is first look through all the sale flyers.  Then I make a list of deals that I need to pickup and what store it is at.  When my list is made I look through my coupon binder and match up deals and coupons and paper clip it to my list.

You can preview your Sunday Coupons at  There are also Coupon Previews on WeUseCoupons.  By previewing the coupons you will know if you would like extra copies of the paper and it will help you plan your shopping trip.

Don’t forget to check out store clearance/overstock sections for reduced priced goods. You may be able to combine a clearance priced item with coupons and get it free.

Daily Deals

I absolutely love daily deal websites!  I have purchased over 20 deals in the past 6 months and saved a lot of money.  Most daily deal websites also have a referral program.  Once you refer someone and they make their first purchase you get credit.  This means that by earning referral credit your daily deals could potentially be free!

Here is a list of some daily deals site to check out. Remember it’s important to sign up so they can email you the latest deals.  The deals are time sensitive and you don’t want to miss out!

  • Coupon Deals Daily Amazing Daily Deals 50-90% Off Restaurants, Spas, Events and More! Click Here
  • EverSave Join and save up to 90% off everything you love to do in your city! Click Here
  • OpenSky Choose the OpenSky curators you’d like to follow. Then each week, you’ll get private messages about amazing products they love, which you can buy at up to 60% off. Click Here
  • Totsy Up to 80% off for Moms, babies and kids Click Here
  • Tippr Tippr helps you get the best deals in your city up to 90% off. Click Here
  • Zulily Deals for Mom, baby and kids up to 70% off.  Click Here

Free Samples

Free samples are terrific for traveling.  A lot of companies include great coupons along with their free samples.  I recently received a sample of Purex laundry soap that came with a $3 coupon.  Purex was on sale for $3.99 this week so I only paid 99 ₵ per bottle!

Here are some great sites to register on for freebies and samples.

  • Baby To Bee Click this for FREE baby stuff! Click Here
  • Vocal Point Samples and coupons from Proctor and Gamble.  Vocalpoint was made for smart, deal-savvy women like you. Click Here
  • WomanFreebies is the best place to get great samples from big name brands Click Here
  • Freeflys Samples from your favourite brands Click Here

Once you match up your coupons and sales it’s time to start shopping.  When I find a great deal I like to purchase a 3-6 month supply, not stock up till doomsday.  Sales do re-occur every 3-6 months and personally I don’t want my house to be cluttered.

Another great tip is to be current on your stores coupon policy.  Find out if they have double coupon days or a store loyalty card to help save you even more.

Only purchase items if you are going to use them, otherwise they are just taking up space that could be used to store items you do use.  If you have extra items don’t forget to donate some to your local food bank or shelter.

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  • Deanna, thank you so much! Was going out of my mind trying to find sites online for coupons. Can find many that say free coupons but can”t seem to get to bottom line ” the coupon never seems to be So i was happy to find your write up. If you have anymore place pass the along. Thank you again. heather

    Heather74  |  May 21st, 2011 at 4:47 am