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5 ways to find something new to read for your child

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By Janssen from Everyday Reading and Twitter

You hate to sound like that braggy parent who says, “I just can’t find enough books for my child to read,” but, when your child is an avid reader, keeping them in books can be a full-time job. And if your child isn’t an avid reader, finding books to help entice them to become one can be just as frustrating.

As a former school librarian, a parent, and an avid reader myself, I’m always looking for new book recommendations (and I find pulling books off the shelf of the library to be a deeply discouraging way to find new material).

Here are five ways I love to find something new to read:

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How an altered diet helped my ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder child

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By Rebecca from Cherry Apple Life

Hi. My name is Rebecca, and I am that Mom who brings homemade food to your kid’s birthday party. (Insert cringe here).

A few years ago, at my wits end, and my son’s wits end, we made a radical change. After months of doctors waiting rooms and a solid diagnosis we were told to accept that our 4 year old boy Seth had Autism Spectrum Disorder and ADHD. When advice for handling the behaviour didn’t work, and the medication caused nasty side effects I was over the whole system.

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