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Staying Healthy(ish) during the holidays

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By Hillary from two L’s please
Three separate family Christmas dinners and three December birthdays, along with work parties and friends parties and holiday baking, make eating healthily during the holidays a struggle.
I try to eat a well-balanced diet full of vegetables and for the most part I’m successful. Until December hits and all of a sudden cheese is a food group of its own and my cookie consumption increases tenfold. It’s silly to undo a whole year’s worth of healthy eating with a month of excess so this year I came up with a plan to combat the craziness of holiday eating.
I stock my fridge with lemons and ban all juice and pop. I start every morning with a giant glass of lemon water (nine times out of ten I follow that giant glass of lemon water with a giant mug of coffee but I have a toddler and I’m only human.) Eating foods full of fat, salt, and sugar is a surefire way to end up dehydrated. I find that drinking lemon water all day helps flush all the junk out of my body and keeps me feeling energized.
I make a pot of soup full of orange and green veggies, lentils, and loads of fresh ginger and garlic, then I buzz it up with the immersion blender until it’s smooth (that way spoons aren’t necessary and you can take your soup to go.) I portion it out into individual serving sizes and store it in the fridge in glass jars. When we need a quick meal, I just pop a few jars in the microwave and in minutes we’ve got a healthy alternative to freezer pizza or takeout.
The holidays are meant to be enjoyed and I fully believe that celebrating with food is an important part of the festivities. I want to teach my son that it’s okay to indulge in treats as long as it’s balanced with healthy eating.
How do you stay healthy(ish) during the holidays?

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