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5 killer tips for Ramping up your Productivity

Categories: Balancing Act, Getting Organized

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By Blogger Heather Eigler. Heather lives, writes and parents from just west of Calgary. Her blog focuses on decor, food and family.

Ever feel like you run around in circles but never get anything accomplished? Feel like you have a lot on
your plate yet sit on Facebook for far too long? You’re not alone. Sometimes it takes a lot of effort to
get a project rolling and keep it rolling. Here are a few tips to ramp up your efforts.

1) Get Organized – Clearing the clutter off your counter tops and your desk and other work surfaces
will mean you can sit down at any moment and get a bit done when time or inspiration strikes.
If you don’t have to hunt around for a pair of scissors or that bill you wanted to pay or that
library book you want to return you’ll be able to get stuff done faster.

2) Turn off the Boob Tube – They call it the idiot box for a reason. Turn it off and your brain will be
able to focus better on the task at hand. Even if you think you’re not watching it, it’s still there
filling the space with noise and flickering lights. You’re far better off to turn on a bit of music at
a low level instead.

3) Get Sleepy – Tired brains are slow brains … nobody knows this better than a sleep deprived
mama who’s running on autopilot. Don’t stay up reading your book. Don’t hang out on
Pinterest for hours on end and don’t drink caffeine before bed. Go to sleep and wake rested,
alert, and ready to tackle your day.

4) Routine and Ritual – Habits are formed slowly over time and working can become a habit too.
Rituals are a great way to signal your brain that it’s time to focus and get down to business.
Much like a solid bedtime routine prepares your baby for a good night’s sleep, a solid work ritual
can prepare you for a productive session. Go for a walk, grab a snack, make a pot of tea and get
to work. Do the same things every day and you’ll come to rely on your routine to put you in a
working frame of mind

5) Allow for Downtime – All work and no play makes Mama go crazy crazy. Allow time for
Facebook, for soaking in the tub, for reading your favorite smutty magazines. But schedule that time
into your day so it has a time limit and doesn’t get away from you. If you need to – set a kitchen
timer to beep your butt out of fun time and back to work time.

Do you have any productivity tips to add?

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