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How to pack light when you travel

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By Miss Britt from In Pursuit of Happiness

I used to travel with an incredibly large suitcase, just-in-case shoes, and enough hair products to style an entire bridal party. Then airlines started charging for checked luggage and my frugal habits required me to change my packing patterns. Whether I’m traveling for a weekend or a week, I almost always get everything I need into a single carry-on suitcase. Here’s how.

1. Use the hotel’s toiletries. There’s no need to pack even tiny bottles of shampoo; the hotel you’re staying at will almost always have what you need to wash and moisturize yourself from head to toe. Remember that hotels also have hair dryers.

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How to cut costs and still have fun on vacation

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By Britt Reints from Miss Britt

I’m a firm believer that travel is much more affordable than most people think - and that a lot of “money saving ideas” suck the fun right out of traveling. Sure, you can save money by staying at the motel an hour outside of the most popular tourist attractions and eating PB&J for a week, but you’d probably have more fun staying home! How can you fit more traveling into your budget and still find ways to actually enjoy the places you’re visiting? A little creativity and prioritizing is all you need.

1. Pick one or two must-see’s and must-do’s. It’s so tempting to try to “do it all” when you visit a new place, but that’s a recipe for blowing your budget and stressing everyone out. Instead, have each member of your group pick one or two priorities. Leave the rest of your time free for relaxing (which is inevitably when the best moments will happen).

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What men really want for Father’s Day

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By Jason Mayo of Outnumbered

I am not a breakfast in bed type of guy. It’s uncomfortable. It doesn’t make any sense to me. It never has. Why the hell would anyone want to eat a stack of flapjacks and a pound of bacon, while lying horizontal under the covers? It’s bad enough I find remnants of Goldfish crackers under my pillow. I don’t need maple syrup stuck to my sheets. It also makes the room smell and it gives me a headache. Oh and there’s no place to put the Orange Juice either. Please don’t bother.

I don’t carry a ton of cash on me. It’s not my nature. I usually have less than $10 on my person at any given time. I’m also not allowed to use the ATM without my wife yelling at me. Maybe the two have something to do with each other. For whatever reason, please refrain from buying me any sort of money clip or wallet. I don’t care if it has a silk screen of my favorite team’s logo on it. Not interested.

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How to survive a road trip with small kids

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Katie, aka motherbumper, is co-founder of The Bad Moms Club and Canada Moms Blog. With her friend, she recently drove from Toronto to Orlando with 3 kids under four and last year she travelled across Canada with the same circus, all in a vain attempt to prove she actually is insane. She succeeded admirably.

How does a parent actually survive a road trip with small kids? Because sometimes it really is survival. No matter how wonderful and well behaved the children are at home, when on a road trip with those same children there will be blood, I mean conflicts. Obviously it’s hard being strapped in a car seat just to go to the grocery store so it must royally suck to be strapped in there for hours on a road trip. I really do understand why small children voice so many travel frustrations while on route — I just wish they didn’t have to do it so loudly. Since tele-portation hasn’t happened yet and installing sound proof pexi-glass between the driver and passengers isn’t always an option, I try to adhere to these ideas when hitting the road with small children.

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