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Ideas for thanking your teacher

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By Elizabeth from Kamloops Parents

It rolls around every school year; the season of gifts. Actually, for some of us it comes a little more often with the celebration of Christmas and sometimes other holidays, too. It’s always nice to be able to thank those people that love on our kids when we aren’t the ones with them. I like to think that I am a good gift-giver. I like giving gifts. I like trying to think of that perfect little something that my child’s teacher or other care giver might enjoy. I want to let them know that I appreciate them.

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10 tips to clothe your kids without breaking the bank

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By Zoeyjane from Raising Zoeyjane, EverythingMom & MamaPop

I’m lucky (I realized once I got past the initial concern) in the sense that I have one of those toddlers that just doesn’t grow. I mean, yeah, she grows, and if you’ve ever met her or followed my twitter feed, there’s no concern about whether she’s happy, energetic or otherwise healthy. In other words, the kid is thriving. But she doesn’t grown much, and it’s completely predictable when she does.

I admit that I’ve saved a butt-load of money when compared to other parents for two main reasons: I never have to run out to buy something because she magically shot up an inch, and pretty much every friend she’s ever had has lapped her in size - even one of her besties, almost two years younger, is presently sharing the same sizes as her. Know what that means? Hand-me-downs. More than I can store.

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