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How an altered diet helped my ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder child

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By Rebecca from Cherry Apple Life

Hi. My name is Rebecca, and I am that Mom who brings homemade food to your kid’s birthday party. (Insert cringe here).

A few years ago, at my wits end, and my son’s wits end, we made a radical change. After months of doctors waiting rooms and a solid diagnosis we were told to accept that our 4 year old boy Seth had Autism Spectrum Disorder and ADHD. When advice for handling the behaviour didn’t work, and the medication caused nasty side effects I was over the whole system.

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How to pack light when you travel

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By Miss Britt from In Pursuit of Happiness

I used to travel with an incredibly large suitcase, just-in-case shoes, and enough hair products to style an entire bridal party. Then airlines started charging for checked luggage and my frugal habits required me to change my packing patterns. Whether I’m traveling for a weekend or a week, I almost always get everything I need into a single carry-on suitcase. Here’s how.

1. Use the hotel’s toiletries. There’s no need to pack even tiny bottles of shampoo; the hotel you’re staying at will almost always have what you need to wash and moisturize yourself from head to toe. Remember that hotels also have hair dryers.

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You’re going on a business trip. Here’s how to survive.

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By Shannon from zchamu (and other places)

A hotel room. An entire room. All to yourself. Where you can hog the bed and the remote control, and if you get hungry? You can pick up the phone and demand someone bring you food. What is this? Am I suddenly 26 and single again? Ahh. A business trip. It sounds heavenly, doesn’t it?

Then why does the thought of going away for a few nights fill us with such anxiety and dread?  It’s because often, we’re the ones who keep the well-oiled machine that is Our Family functioning, and going out of town means there’s a high likelihood the entire thing is going to fall apart, leaving us trying to pick up the pieces from half a country away.  Head off the insanity: Here’s a few tips to help keep everything running smoothly while you’re out of town.

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How to dress your pregnant body for the office

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By Hillary from two L’s please

I’ve always had some difficulty dressing my body type. I’m tall but all of my height is in my torso. Since becoming pregnant, my struggle to dress my (ever growing!) body has reached desperate levels.

Fortunately, I’ve found a strategy that has greatly reduced the amount of time I spend fretting about how to dress my definitely-pregnant-but-not-yet-huge body.
1. Don’t be afraid to spend money on staples.

For me, this meant buying two identical pairs of dark wash maternity jeans. You may not be able to get away with wearing denim in a professional office but I’ve found that people are generally a little more lenient when dealing with a (crazy! hormonal! unpredictable!) pregnant lady. I wear my dark jeans to work every day, rotating out a pair when it needs to hit the laundry. Did it feel good to spend $100 on two pairs of jeans that I will (likely) never wear again? No. It it worth it to not have to worry about what I’m going to wear on my bottom half every day for the next four months? Yes. Emphatically, yes.

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Tips for healthy eating while at work

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By Jenny Grace from Miss Grace’s Disgrace

Between working full time and parenting full time, food can really fall by the wayside, especially when it comes to feeding myself. I’m generally pretty good about feeding my son meals that more or less end up balanced, but when it comes to me? During the work day? You have got to be kidding.

Over the years I’ve gotten better about (a) remembering to eat at all and (b) having something on hand so it’s not just straight from the vending machine into my belly.

I rely heavily on the following strategies:

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How to pick a great daycare

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By Samantha Campen of Back To Me

I have been a full-time working mom for exactly two years. Finding someone to watch a piece of my heart was one of the hardest decisions my husband and I had to make, and not just because we were in a newborn sleep deprived stupor. Finding the utmost trust in another person to care for our child was a lesson in priorities, flexibility, and good old faith. We knew we wanted an in-home daycare, had a rough idea as to our budget, and had a travel radius based on where my office was located. I reached out to all my working mom friends who were a huge help but I still felt unprepared. Once we found our day home we were in love and were with her for two years until she decided to retire. ALERT! ALERT! ALL SYSTEMS DOWN! The fact that we were going to have to find someone ELSE to watch our now-toddler was a stress I didn’t expect to see again so soon. Here are a few things I’ve learned while lurching down the painful road to finding a great daycare provider.

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How to handle difficult bosses and colleagues

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By Kerri Anne from

Wear feathers that don’t easily ruffle.

I’m not talking about dress code here, though if you want to wear feathers to work (and can pull it off with gusto), but all means, go for it! What I am talking about is erecting an emotional barrier in order to protect yourself from barbs, whether intentionally and unintentionally thrown in your direction. In a perfect world you would work hard at your job, enjoy what you’re doing, and your superiors and/or clients would appreciate everything you do on a daily basis. Unfortunately, while this Utopian workplace probably exists somewhere, it isn’t commonplace, so until you find it (or create it), you’re probably going to have to deal with people who don’t tell you what a great job you’re doing as quickly as they’ll tell you when they’re dissatisfied with something you did or didn’t do.

Rolling with the punches is one of the best ways to stay sane in any workplace. As soon as you can accept and acknowledge that not everything is about you, the better off you’ll be. Bosses and colleagues have bad days.
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