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Spider Pops

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Sarah Honey is a contributor on Work it Mom, and owner of Thank You Honey Blog

Halloween is just around the corner.  Are you looking for a fantastic treat for your child to bring to school to share with their friends if they have a Halloween Party?  Spider Pops would be excellent to bring to a Halloween party, make as a Halloween craft, to give out on Halloween or just for fun!  Spider Pops are quick, easy, & cheap to make.  They are great family craft! My family had a blast making Spider Pops we made them after we got out our Halloween decorations.

Take a trip to the craft store and grocery store and pick up these items from this list:

  • 1 package black pipe cleaners
  • 1 packet of glue on eyes
  • Glue
  • Scissors

*** 1 package of Pipe cleaners, eyes makes 13 Spider Pops!

From your grocery store pick up a bag or two for Tootsie Pop.  Or you could pick up whatever kind of Lollipop.  I prefer the Tootsie Pops for a few reasons they do not have gum in the center, they are colorful, & look cute!

*** 1 bag of Tootsie Pops has about 21 lollipops in it.

How to:

These are so simple!  My Little Dude loved making these.  I pre- cut the pipe cleaners so all we had to do was assemble.

Take 4 pipe cleaners bend them in half and cut them with scissors at the bend.  You should have 8 same size pieces.  Keep repeating until you have cut all the pipe cleaners.

Then place the lollipop in the center of 4 pipe cleaners and twist.  Repeat for each lollipop.

Bend and position the lollipop so the ridge is horizontal.  Glue on the eyes on the lollipop wrap on the ridge.

Let dry. 1-2 hours

After Spiders are dry, bend down the pipe cleaners to make the legs.

And you have your cute Spider Pop’s!

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