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Snowman Bento Boxes: Make Lunch Fun!

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Let’s be honest, putting together your kids lunch can get pretty routine. So rather than bagging away the very same uninteresting sandwich (not to say its not delicious), potato chips and juice box lunch, consider a strategy inspired by the Japanese meal, with a wintery twist!

We came across these snowman bento box lunches and were immediately inspired. Bento boxes are essentially dishes within compartmentalized meal containers, delivering lunch in little bites, frequently made along with some whimsical in design. WIth these winter inspirations your little one’s lunchbox will begin to appear like a mini winter wonderland!

A quick and easy Bento Box Snowman: Use the rice to make the snowman’s body by rolling them into balls then place the vegetables such as a carrot for the nose and pieces of vegetables for the eyes and mouth. You can even dress him up with a salad such as a lettuce dress or pants.

For more Bento Box inspiration check out a few of our favorites:

The classic sandwich snowman fromĀ Meet The Dubiens

You may need some cutting skills for this one from Benton Better Lunches:

Snowflakes, snowmans and mittens oh my! From Blow Out Party

FromĀ 5 Dollar Dinners (Love the use of marshmallows!)

Asian Inspired meal from Fiona’s Japanese Cooking

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