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After five: What do you wear when you get home from work?

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I work from home, which means that when I get dressed in the morning, I’m typically getting dressed for the entire day. This morning, for example, I needed to find an outfit that would work for the freezing cold school run, a long day of writing and editing, and second grade basketball practice tonight.

I opted for jeans and a sweater, largely because I don’t want to have to wear a skirt to the gym this evening. Priorities, you know.

I’m extra casual today, but my work wardrobe includes a lot of dresses and skirts. There are days, though, when I’ve had enough of my skirt by 5 pm and I’m ready to kick back in something super comfortable. So what’s a good weeknight after-five uniform?


For evenings at home, I say break out the yoga pants — but not those old stretched out ones you bought before the baby was born. Invest in some new yoga pants — Target and Old Navy great basics for about $20. Or treat yourself to a cashmere or cashmere-blend pair; Nordstrom carries Shimera cotton and cashmere pants for $68, as well as cashmere pants by Wyton for $148.

When you’re shopping for yoga pants, make sure they fit, particularly across the derriere. You don’t want them to bag and sag, but you also shouldn’t be able to read the label in your underwear through your pants. If you know what I mean. A wide waistband is great if you have a little bit of a tummy, while a wide leg (one that falls straight from the widest part of your hip) is both comfortable and slimming. Promise.

Pair your yoga pants with a long sleeved tee or a slim sweater — but stay away from oversized sweatshirts. If it also fits your husband or boyfriend or teenage son, it’s too big for you. Lounge wear doesn’t have to be sloppy; a sweater that fits your body is just as comfortable as a gigantic over-sized sweatshirt. I would even say more comfortable. Yes, really.

What if you need to leave the house — to run a kid to basketball or pick up a pizza or do the million other things that don’t get done during the day? If your loungewear fits, there’s no reason not to go out in it. Pair your yoga pants with tennis shoes or cool trainers and you’re ready to go. Keep in mind that yoga pants, no matter what they’re made out of, are not dressy pants — leave the ballet flats behind, please, and opt for an athletic shoe.

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  • how did you know i am still wearing my post pregnancy yoga pants!? maybe i will ask santa for those cashmere ones… oh my that just seems over the top luxury comfort!!! maybe just 3 new pairs of old navy ones instead! ha! how to choose how to choose…

    kate  |  December 1st, 2010 at 1:07 pm