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The perfect puffer coat (and how to wear it)

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Winter’s here, which means it’s time to face the inevitable style conundrum: how to stay warm and be stylish, at the same time. Impossible? I’m not going to lie — there will be days when you’ll have no option but to choose warm over chic. If you’re slogging to work in a snowstorm, just put on some boots and big heavy coat. But what about all those days when the weather isn’t exactly frightful but you don’t want to freeze?

Pull out the puffer coat. But wear it with care.

Lands’ End Luxe Down Jacket, $129.50

I love my puffer coat; I have the Lands’ End Luxe Down Jacket in ivory, and I wear it with everything. The Luxe Down Jacket is perfect for temperatures ranging from -15 to 5 degrees Fahrenheit (-26 to -15 C, which sounds substantially colder, doesn’t it?).

The Lands’ End jacket is the perfect puffer, because it’s not too puffy. It strikes just the right balance between warm and sleek, and paired with slim jeans and boots, it’s an ideal layer for cold mornings. But this puffer can also go to work; it’s tailored shape makes it an ideal partner for wide-legged menswear trousers or a slim skirt or dress.

The Lands’ End puffer comes with a removable belt, which helps give it more shape — wear it belted with your work clothes, and on it’s own for the weekend. I like to tie my belt in a knot or bow, for a little extra flair.

Lands’ End coats run a little big; if you live where it’s really cold, order your normal size, to accommodate layers, but if — like me — you live in a more temperate climate, size down for a slimmer look (just don’t expect to get a gigantic sweater under the coat).

With the right tailored puffer coat, you can indeed be warm and chic this winter. On the same day, even!

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3 comments so far...

  • I love the warmth and color (raspberry!) of my full length puffer, but my husband hates how shapeless it is on me. If I were to shop for a new one, I’d look for one with chevron stitching and a belt, but I have what I have.

    Any suggestions on what to use to belt a puffer that didn’t come with a belt? And how not to lose a belt that isn’t attached? To complicate matters, I go through a metal detector every time I enter my office building, so I’d rather avoid anything with a buckle.

    DC working mom  |  December 7th, 2010 at 7:26 am

  • I love this coat. So cute!

    Whitney Miles  |  December 9th, 2010 at 2:58 pm

  • just asked for a similar one for Christmas, my wool is too fancy for the bus stop, and not warm enough for sledding, but good for work. the puffer will be my perfect “everything but work” coat. I picked one from JJill but looks very much like this one.

    gretchen  |  December 10th, 2010 at 9:27 am