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How to style bright shoes

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Andrea has a fantastic dilemma: “I won a pair of free shoes on DSW and I picked these (I don’t have any colorful shoes so I thought these looked ‘fun’). I’m just at a complete loss on how to style them. Opinions?”

Screen shot 2012-03-26 at 12.14.41 PM

First of all, hooray for free shoes! And those shoes really are fun. Love them. Great choice, Andrea.

Bright colored shoes can seem daunting, but they’re really easy to style. Andrea can pair these with a pair of skinny jeans or slim cropped trousers or with a long pair of trouser jeans for a colorful edge to a casual outfit. She can also wear them with a skirt, one that hits at or just below the knee.

Andrea should think about the shoes in the same way she would with any other colored accessory. She can wear them with neutral basics (a gray skirt, a navy dress) or with other complimentary colors (yellow or orange). These pumps would be amazing with a pair of bright blue skinny jeans or a kelly green skirt.

A couple of don’ts — Andrea shouldn’t match her bag to her shoes, or her jewelry (although she could pick up the coral shade in a bracelet or earrings, as long as she keeps it subtle). She also shouldn’t wear these shoes with a very short skirt or shorts. But I probably didn’t have to say that, did i?

Your turn — how would you style a bright pair of pumps or flats? Are you a fan of colorful shoes, or are you a neutral girl?

Photo via DSW

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  • I just bought the BRIGHTEST pair of red patent-leather driving loafers from Target a few weeks ago, and they are so much fun. I’ve been wearing them with dark-wash boot-cut jeans and classic sailor-striped fitted tees for a semi-subtle nod to nautical red-white-and-blue. But the other day I wore the red shoes but swapped out the jeans for a black pencil skirt and bare legs, and paired that with ivory and gray stripes instead of traditional navy/white, and wore the ensemble out running errands with my daughters—and two people stopped me to compliment me on my outfit, especially my shoes! Not bad for $12 on clearance.

    Shannon  |  March 28th, 2012 at 3:42 pm