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Avoiding the upskirt: Three playground-friendly summer options for Mom

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tiered gauze skirt, $29.50 at Old Navy

What are you wearing to the park this summer? Robin is opting for a skirt, but she’s wondering how to navigate the elements. “I prefer skirts and dresses in the summer to shorts, and A-line skirts and full skirts are more flattering on my figure.” she writes. “I have young children and live in Texas where it tends to be very breezy in the summer. A windy day at the park in a full skirt can be a bit embarrassing in my typical underwear. So my question is, what are some options to wear under my full skirts that wouldn’t be embarrassing if the breeze blows my skirt up?”

Robin, I feel your pain. Unfortunately, the solution isn’t to buy prettier underwear; it’s to find a skirt that won’t go flying over your head in the wind.

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Ten terrific cocktail dresses

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Susan is looking for a cocktail dress — one designed for a real person, not a model. She writes, “I do NOT want something so short my crotch is going to show (seems to be popular). I do NOT want to wear something drapey/flowey/grandmotherly. I had my fifth baby 9 months ago and just got my body back (thank goodness!), so I want something that fits, but doesn’t squeeze.”

Done! Here are ten options, in various styles — none of which will expose Susan’s crotch or cause her to be mistaken for a grandmother. And all of them are available at Nordstrom.

Maggie London, $158

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After five: What do you wear when you get home from work?

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I work from home, which means that when I get dressed in the morning, I’m typically getting dressed for the entire day. This morning, for example, I needed to find an outfit that would work for the freezing cold school run, a long day of writing and editing, and second grade basketball practice tonight.

I opted for jeans and a sweater, largely because I don’t want to have to wear a skirt to the gym this evening. Priorities, you know.

I’m extra casual today, but my work wardrobe includes a lot of dresses and skirts. There are days, though, when I’ve had enough of my skirt by 5 pm and I’m ready to kick back in something super comfortable. So what’s a good weeknight after-five uniform?


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Weekend style: A how-to

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It’s Friday, which means a weekend of kid activities and errands. It also means a weekend of yoga pants and tees, because why bother getting dressed if you’re just going to be grocery shopping and watching soccer, right?

Wrong. There’s no reason to use the weekend as an excuse to look like a slob. It is entirely possible to be stylish and comfortable at the same time. Even on the weekend. Even with kids.


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best fall dresses (because it can’t stay hot forever)

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It’s still a million degrees where I live (that would be on the face of the sun, by the way) but I’m dreaming of cooler temperatures, and waiting impatiently for the morning when I need to put a little cardi on over my dress. Soon. I hope.

I love a dress for fall; it’s the perfect transition piece. Wear it on the warm days with sandals or peep toe pumps; when the weather cools down, add leggings or tights and a cardi or jacket.

Curtain Call Dress, $128 at Anthropologie

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Shorts: A how-to

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This week, I want your help answering a Very Pressing Question: is it really possible to dress up your shorts?

I have all sorts of issues with shorts. Most women (and men!) are wearing the wrong shorts — wrong size, wrong style, wrong fabric (no more denim shorts, I’m begging you all). But even a really great pair of shorts is still … a pair of shorts. They’re meant for casual wear, and the insistence on dressing them up drives me batty. It’s ok to have clothes that are just for the weekend! Really! You don’t need to wear your shorts to work!

In fact, I say steer clear of shorts for the office. Always.

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The Working Closet One Week No Yoga Pants Get Dressed Challenge (trademark pending)

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I have a long list of fun things to write about here at The Working Closet, like the best summer shoes and the perfect swimsuit and the best sunscreen ever (seriously, best ever). Because I am totally ready for summer, you all.

Unfortunately, before I can get to summer (and to all those fun summery posts) I have to get through a freelance project at work that is quite literally killing me. Which would be fine, of course (it’s a really cool project and I’m working with great people) except for the part about how after a whole day of conference calls and spreadsheets, I have to oversee homework (third grade has me waving the white flag), come up with dinner (how many more times can I serve beans and rice before my family stages a mutiny?) and get everyone to baseball on time (hardest part: finding all the pieces of my son’s uniform, including his athletic cup and the special underwear it goes in).

I’m dying over here. And I am sorely tempted to just stay in my pajamas all day, because why bother getting dressed? I’m not leaving the house, and when I do, I’m just going to the ball field anyway.

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The classic white shirt: A primer

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It is a truth universally acknowledged that a classic white shirt is a wardrobe staple. But where do you find a great white shirt? And how do you wear it once you’ve got it?

Simple. Let’s start with what to buy.

Screen shot 2010-04-10 at 8.22.05 AM
Lands’ End Women’s Solid No Iron Pinpoint Cotton Shirt, $44.50

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