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Rainy day activities with kids

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It’s supposed to be a rainy weekend here in New York. I hate rainy weekends because weekends are my time to hang out with my daughter and my husband and we love to spend time outside. Museums and bookstores are fun, but since we’ve had so many rainy weekends this year, we’re all getting a little tired of them. So I went searching for some fun rainy day activity ideas online and thought I’d share them with you - in case you need a bit of inspiration for what to do with your kids on a rainy (or any other) day:

If you don’t mind getting messy a bit, Rain Painting sounds easy and fun. All you need is a bit of food coloring and a lot of rain.

Make a story tape. Find a tape recorder - or get fancy with some hyper-cool tech tool on your computer - find a book that you and your kids like and take turns telling the story or pick which character each one of you will play. Get creative and expressive!

Make some No Cook Playdough and have fun building things together. Yes, you can buy playdough, but making it is part of the fun - and an extra 30 minutes of activity in which your kids can get engaged.

Do you have any favorite rainy day activities? Post a comment and share with the rest of us overworked moms.

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  • The link to rain painting appears to be broken, but I love this idea since it is a quick craft you can do to avoid cabin fever on a rainy evening. Directions are below:

    Rain Painting
    On a rainy day, give each child a paper plate. Let the children sprinkle a few drops of food coloring (or shake a little powdered tempera) on their plates. Have them put on their raincoats and walk outside, holding their plates in the rain for about a minute. After they bring their plates inside, talk about the designs created by the rain.

    Amy Beekley  |  May 21st, 2007 at 9:02 am