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Casual Friday — April 18th, 2008

Categories: Casual Friday


casual-friday.jpgCasual Friday with Mir—because some days are made for wearing your jeans and surfing the blogs.

Gooooooood morning, and happy Friday! As it so happens, there is very little casual about my Friday today—my daughter is turning ten and there is much pomp, circumstance, and cupcakes in the offing. But while I try to make all of her double-digit dreams come true, you feel free to kick back for a little bit.

I’ll probably write a sappy post later, but Shannon already covered the whole 10th birthday thing, probably better than I would.

You should wear a bra that fits you properly. You should also have helpful illustrations to show you why.

Ze Frank has yet another awesome project in Color Wars 2008, and I am loving the submissions for Youngme - Nowme (a collection of photos where folks duplicate an old childhood picture as their current, adult selves).

Know what the world needs? More anthropomorphized ice cream. Obviously.

* * * * *

Shopping? Save some bucks and make me proud, people:

Today and tomorrow only, take $5 off your $25 purchase at Toys R Us through that link.

Need plus size clothing? Scoop up a great deal at Catherines—today only, use coupon code 776923906 to take $20 off your $20.01+ purchase!

Circuit City is having their Friends and Family Sale though Saturday, with loads of discounts and always free shipping on purchases of $24+.

And of course, I’ll be over browsing the Amazon Friday Sale. (And frosting cupcakes. Maybe all at the same time! Wooooo!)

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2 comments so far...

  • I am a single working mom who spent a lot more time at work than being present for my only child. As a consequence, I was totally unaware of her spiral into depression, alcoholism and addiction. Her near death was a life changing experience for me. I have my priorities right. I appreciate the precious gift of life and how short it is.
    I have made a huge move in faith to start my own business in an internet personal development company. I was very unsure at first but the more I get to know the people who are succeeding, I know it’s because they, too have their priorities right.
    I am not selling anything, I just want people to know that their are income opportunities that allow any of us to live a different, better life for ourselves and others.
    I have regret. My daughter is 22 years old. I missed a lot of her youth because I chose a corporate path that robbed more than rewarded. Thank God she is alive. I just want to “pay it forward” in gratitude and service.
    This business is not for everyone but it can be a choice. Please look at it.

    I hope that it may be the start of a new journey of living your very best life with those you love most. When it is for someone, my pain served a purpose.

    Jody  |  April 19th, 2008 at 10:32 am

  • Why did I not say thank you for reading my little post? I thought I did. But I am a dork like that.

    So, Shannon *giggle; no one calls me that :)* thanks you for reading her little love letter, and linking to it as well. :)

    Mr Lady  |  April 24th, 2008 at 12:04 am