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Election 2008: What Work It, Moms are talking about

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I thought on the eve of this historic, incredible, exhausting election tomorrow I’d take a virtual walk through some of what Work It, Mom! bloggers and members have written and said about it during the last few months:

Perhaps not surprisingly, Sarah Palin’s nomination as the Republican VP has been a topic of much heated discussion, including here on the Work It, Mom! Blog.

Working moms have poor family values, the Sarah Palin edition

Don’t blow kisses at work, Sarah Palin

Will Sarah Palin be the ultimate working mom?

Sarah Palin and the mommy wars

Why Sarah Palin is good for feminism

Palin paradox: Why working moms are held to a different set of standards?

But it’s not like we’ve not talked about other aspects of the election:

Should I vote for Hillary because she is a woman?

Why wasn’t Hillary our dream candidate?

Democracy’s fatal flaw — the voters

Talking politics at work

Can a candidate’s kids really be off limits?

Politics is my spectator sport

While browsing the site tonight (you know, I like to lurk) I read this post by Kate that I thought put things into great perspective, whatever side you’re supporting: So this is it.

And finally, with less than 24 hours to go until we have ourselves a new President, sound off in our featured question:

Are you excited about the election or worried?

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