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New weekly blog feature: Weekend Quotations

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I really love quotations. Yes, I am that dork in Barnes & Noble browsing through those thick quotation books and jotting down my favorites in a small notebook. Yep, I am the one who inscribes quotes on the inside cover of books or pretty journals I give to my friends. I have Post-It notes with quotes taped to the printer next to my desk and inside my weekly planner. See, I told you.

For me, a great quote is one that puts what I’m feeling or thinking about into perspective or highlights an idea I hadn’t considered or is just something that makes me feel warm and fuzzy. If it makes me pause for 30 seconds from the insane pace of my day, even better. So I thought it would be a fun weekly feature here on the Work It, Mom! Blog to share some favorite quotes on the weekend — a time when I think all of us crazy busy working moms need to take a short pause.

Here’s my pick for this week: (I have to give credit to the author of this Huff Post piece where I found this quote)

The key is to appreciate with gratitude what you find. Everything has value.
Nothing needs to be different from what it is. That’s a beginning point.
If you venture forth without accepting things the way they are,
you are in a path of separation and disturbance.
You are going to be off and out of balance.
You will need to come back to acceptance,
which is letting things be what they are
and open to what can become.

-John Morton

Do you have a favorite quote? Share in the comments!

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2 comments so far...

  • very cool. You really do have much love and appreciation for arts and literature.

    Failure is not fatal
    Success is not final
    It’s the courage to continue that counts
    -Winston Churchill

    This is the quote that is getting me through my entrepreneurial venture.

    I started paying attention to quotes after taking a “Communications in the workplace,” Media Studies class in college. The professor always talked about using quotes in your speeches/presentations.

    I still have the Quotationary book that I refer to, when I need some uplifting.

    Vera Babayeva  |  December 14th, 2008 at 10:54 pm

  • Vera, I love that one. I think it’s a great one for EVERY entrepreneur:)

    Nataly  |  December 14th, 2008 at 11:09 pm