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Making a change from nanny to daycare

  • MaryP - thanks so much for the suggestions - and great point on sleeping schedules!

    I should report back, actually - my daughter has now been in daycare for 3 weeks. She goes 9-3 every day, then a few times a week we have a sitter who comes to the house for a few hours so i can get more work done. So far, I'd say she is doing very well. The first week was really rough - she didn't sleep in daycare at all, so by 4pm she was a little monster. She also was very nervous about going. But then I think being with kids her age and doing all those fun activities got her into it - this week was pretty good, actually. She has started taking short naps there and seems to really look forward to going in the morning. It's definitely more hassle for us than with a nanny - which I know, was a luxury! - but I think we made the right decision for her age.
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  • Hi. I lve in Queens (Auburdale), New York and I have 17 month old twins, Sophia and Michael. They have been cared for by me and a "mothers helper" up to one year of age, and then I went back to work. Upon returning to work the Mothers Helper became the Nanny for two days,my DH watched them for one day and my MIL for two days. Now Nanny is starting school and they are going to daycare starting on Sept. 7th. It is around the corner form my house and it is in someones house. I have received many recommendations. I am excited and nervous.. Comments?
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  • I am a mom of a 2 year old. I stayed home with her for the first 6 months and since then she has been with a Nanny. In September, when she is 2.5 years, we're planning on putting her in pre-school for 3 hrs a day, 5 days a week. It is going to be expensive because the Nanny only agreed to a reduction of $100 a week for the reduced hours and the pre-school is expensive, but we decided to bite the cost for a few months to transition her. My plan is to change to full time preschool in June next year after she has had about eight months to transition. I'm still very nervous about full time pre-school because I'm not sure if young children can get stressed from spending so much time outside of their home. Has anyone come across any research on this topic?
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