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  • Hi everyone,

    I'm new to Work It, Mom and am excited to get to know everyone. Balancing work/family is definitely a challenge. My biggest challenge is trying to get my husband, 17 yr. old daughter and 12 yr. old son to pick up after themselves. My latest tactic is to withhold privileges until rooms are clean, items are cleared from the living room, etc. It works, but I get tired of always being the bad guy. My husband seems oblivious to clutter and says I need to "get over it" (he is a good Dad in most ways). I don't know about yall, but when my house is messy, it affects me on the job also. I just get overwhelmed. Sometimes I have to call in sick, get the family off to work and school and clean just so I can clear my head and function at work and home. (I call days like this, legitimate mental health "sick" days). I'm scheduled to go to two out of state conferences in September and I cringe at the thought of what my house may look like when I return. Any suggestions on how I can motivate my crew to pick up after themselves?
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  • Melody I would say that you need to go on strike, if they want clean clothes, make them do it, and if they don't oh well wear them dirty, this is an example, but I think it would work for almost any problem. when it seems like you are going to do it for them, then why should they have to help. For your own sanity, make a room entirely yours until this strike is over. That way you don't have to endure the mess as much.
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  • Hello everyone,

    I'm new to Work It, Mom! and while I am actually a Dad, I hope that you will accept me into the group. I'm actually working with Wendy Piersall from eMoms At Home on a new blog discussing work-life balance from a dad's perspective.

    With my intended audience being dads (and the husbands as well), I'd welcome feedback from everyone on the issues that they would like to see their husbands do a little better.

    Thanks and I am looking forward to being a part of the group!
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  • Hi, Derek - great to see you here! We've got a bunch of dads on - did you see Avi's Work It, Dad! Blog?
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  • Hi Nataly, thank you for the welcome! I have seen Avi's blog and have actually had a few conversations with him via email.
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  • Im also new to work it mom, I just really find the need to connect to people who know how I feel. I work full time have three wonderful boys, trying to find a new home so I can move, etc.

    Michelle- Im sorry daycare didnt work out for you. I work at one and I cant believe they would even take out your children in that weather. Plus we give our children reports everyday Though I must say I do wish I could stay home with my kids, but at the same time I dont know if I could ever stop working.

    I love my job and my life and have learned that whenever I put more into one area of my life the other areas tend to loose out on my attention. I guess its learning to balance life the best of my ability.
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