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Any entrepreneurial Mums looking to connect?

  • Hi everyone

    I have recently quit the 'day job' to concentrate on my business so I'd love to hear from some other entrepreneurial Mums who are running their own businesses and doing it around their family life.

    Look forward to connecting with some of you!

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  • Hi, Caitlin!

    We've actually started a group for mom entrepreneurs on the site - I hope we can get that going and talking! I am personally really excited to connect with entrepreneur moms - launching Work It, Mom! is my first full-time entrepreneurial experience and it would be great to connect with other moms who run their own business.

    What type of business do you run?
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  • Hi Nataly

    After posting yesterday I found your group and joined up!!

    I run CMC, my own consulting business. My background is in tertirary education and training and I have a coaching qualification. I concentrate the business on helping companies and individuals develop and achieve goals. Depending on their needs I use short courses, seminars and one to one discussions to do this. I'm also developing some written, recorded and web based materials to increase the availability of my resources to my clients.

    I've only ever run my business very part time but now it's my main source of income so I'm learning all the time (it helps to have helped other businesses grow, I can take some of my own advice . I'm keen to learn more about 'multiple streams' too.

    Right now I'd just like to be able to connect and share with other Mums experiencing the joys and challenges and (hopefully) successes of finding the balance.

    I think Work it, Mom! is a fabulous and much needed resource, destined for greatness!! I can see I'll be hanging around here a bit!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Caitlin Mowbray on 27th May 2007
  • Hello!

    I just joined a moment ago. I'm very interested to see what this site will grow into. But I was most interested in this thread because I, too, am a recent entrepreneur. I quit an 8 year secure job to switch careers totally and live out a dream of mine.

    I started a publishing company and my first venture is an online magazine called As We Are because I think women should be we are.

    Now I need to go snoop around the site for a bit! So glad to find this forum!
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  • Hi Trudi

    Nice to meet you! I'm very happy that someone else is getting in on this thread, it's been pretty quiet around here.

    I checked out your magazine and it is fantastic, congratulations on it!

    I'm really keen to hear from other women who have taken the plunge! I'd love to hear it all - the challenges they found and how they have overcome them ( if they have ha ha), as well as the successes and rewards of going it alone.

    For me one of the challenges has been getting used to the 'solitary' side of the solo entrepreneur's life. In my job I shared a lovely big office with 3 collleagues, we all got on well and had a great time. Now it's just me in the (albeit very nice) home office, apart from when I'm seeing clients or running workshops and seminars!

    Share your experiences!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Caitlin Mowbray on 16th June 2007
  • Caitlin,

    I think it's ironic that your name is Caitlin, and that is the pen name I fashioned for myself when I wrote my article here about taking the plunge into starting my own business after working "in the work force."

    Trudi is GREAT by the way.

    My business is also a consultancy-- medical editing and writing ( and I wrote about it here at Work It, Mom! here: and

    How did you decide how much to charge for your services? And do you pay yourself a monthly salary?

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Jen Creer on 17th June 2007
  • Hi Jen

    Good to hear from you, we have a lot in common. I had already read both of your articles when I joined because they caught my attention in their similarities to my own experiences. I totally identified!! I too was raised in the Mormon church and followed a similar working pattern right down to my own version of 'Ann' and slowly clearing my office. Colleagues even started commenting on how minimalistic by space was ha ha!

    As for setting my fees I had some help and advice from a mentor, I also looked at what other people in my business charged and the differences or similarities in what we were offering and of course the financial side, from my forecast budgets to just covering my costs. Armed with that information I then I really just went with my intuition! It's working so far, no-one has baulked at my fees and I'm getting clients.

    Because I've been running my business part-time for a couple of years I hadn't really gotten serious about paying myself a salary, I'd pay my costs, put some more money into building the business and if there was anything left that was mine! Now that this is my main income I am re-doing all my business budgets to include a salary.

    Do you have systems in place for these things? And do you have a set working day around school drop offs and pick ups etc? Do you ever continue work (in your business) after school hours?

    Sorry, so many questions!!!

  • Jen's real job is Professional-Trudi-Fan ( ha ha ha).

    Thanks for the compliments on the magazine Caitlin. I'm in an interesting situation because my husband is also self-employed and works at home. His office is down in the basement. I set up an office on the top floor in our spare bedroom, but I find myself feeling too isolated up there. So I tend to work on the kitchen table or on the sofa (love my lap top)

    I"m also a social person who misses the connection to colleagues. HOwever, I know this perserverance will pay off in building a company where I'll have colleagues again. IN the meantime, my husband and I usually take about 20 minutes during the day to chit chat an dhave coffee or lunch and I try to pick up the phone a few times a day to help.
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  • Hi Ladies,

    My husband and I have just started our own business 6 weeks ago but it took 1 year to get it launched. I would be happy to give you some advice.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by BusyMom on 2nd July 2007
  • Hi Busy Mom!

    Thanks for the offer, all advice gladly accepted!

    It's taken me over a year to launch my business too but in some ways that has worked out well as I had a lot of it pretty established by the time it got going. Also, part of my business is helping other businesses grow so I had some first hand experience of the challenges involved.

    We had a question about taking a salary out of the business, how have you handled that?

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