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sick kid

  • The problem I have is that when my son gets sick and he is sick often too...All he wants is me or my husband. I feel like it is my first priority to take care of him when he is sick. He is only 3 and I don't think it is right to leave him with a babysitter at that kind of time. He is not himself and I don't trust that someone will have the patience or loving ability to comfort him that I can. I love my job, but what I think we all need to understand is that parenting is our first job and priority. The outside job is going to have to understand that your kids come first. I have explained this to my boss, but I still feel like I am taking advantage of sorts. I know that it is beyond my control. If something happened to my son and I was not there, I would have that on my shoulders... I could not live with that.
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