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What type of business do you have?

  • Hi moms!

    My name is Martha and I am an educator. I started out in my career as a college professor and did that for almost 6 years. After I had my children I was blown away by how fast they learn and develop. I knew at this point I wanted to work with kids. I became a franchise licensee with EncouraGYM and I teach classes for kids age birth-7 and their caregivers here in Henderson,NV. Our website is
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  • My name is Bobbie and I love helping people in finding out about Healthier and Safer Products Or working from home to be with there family's. I came across a wonderful comapany and team that lets me do just that @

    I love everything about what I do and I can do it all from home awesome....
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  • Hi all,

    I started a company making custom handmade personalized bibs, burpies, and blankets for your favorite babies. Our website is

    I look forward to meeting and hearing about all of your experiences.

    Thank you,

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  • Hey, Gals!

    I'm a professional voice talent who's lucky enough to be able to work from home to be with my two girls who are almost 3 and 16 months (a planned 18 month spread that is fantastic for us!). Dandysound ( which hasn't been updated in over a year since there's NO TIME for me to try and do that, too, but all because we have happy, healthy little girls) is just my husband and I doing voice over work for television, radio, phone systems, internet presentations and almost anything else you can put your voice to. We also do audio production, tape-to-digital conversion (all those old '80s tapes people want to hold onto forever but now want as mp3s) and that sort of thing. Hubby works FT 40 minutes away and commutes via train and bus so he's gone 13 hours a day which leaves me with many hours of child care. You've probably heard my voice if you've been put on hold or called a company with a "press one, press two" phone system. Those mall store credit cards (victoria's secret, structure, ny & co, etc), Travelocity, Sony, Cox communications and a ton more all use my voice. I love it, though it doesn't save the world and in most cases is highly annoying! So I balance my work life with also being a yoga instructor and love, love, love helping other people find comfort in their own bodies.

    I'm so glad I found this terrific site and am looking forward to meeting others. So far it's been great to hear what other ladies are up to and how you're all handling it ALL. Love it!

    Thanks for listening,

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  • Hi everyone!

    I am a graphic designer/web developer/illustrator that works from a home office while homeschooling my 6 and 8 year old daughters. I've been doing this for about 13 years, and I love what I do.

    My husband also works from home so it gets a bit chaotic here...but he's learning to get along on our schedule so it might just work out.

    It's great to be a member of this site, I really like it.

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  • Hi SuperMoms!

    I'm a mom of 4 kids who are lovingly known as The "A-Team" ...Amber (7 in Dec.) Aubrey (6 in Dec.) Aidan (2 1/2) & Aren (14mths) and I can't imagine life without them!

    My hubby and I work as a team in everything we do. It's nice to have him be so "hands on" with the kids and it works really well with all we have going on in our lives each day! I would be lost without him!

    So, after realizing that even though I liked the idea of the "home party" business, it really wasn't a "stay at home" business because you have to do home parties to make any money and sell your products, and that required me to leave my family in the evenings when it's most hectic (bedtime/bathtime) as well as on the weekends when we're supposed to be having family time with my hubby and kids since he works all week.

    I stumbled upon SendOutCards. At first I was super excited to just use it for my own personal use because I was raised to send cards. The tech age has taken alot of these basics out of the picture because you can now send an e-card or email to stay in touch instead of sending snail mail. I still like the personal touch of a handwritten note.

    You can send ACTUAL greeting cards (NOT E-CARDS) from your computer. You either create a card by uploading a photo, or pick one from the 10,000 cards they have in the card catalog. You personalize your card with a message that can be in your own handwriting and signature or use their standard fonts. You then click send and the company prints it off, stuffs it, and mails it for you with a first class stamp on it..all for about $1/card. You can even include gift cards or checks with the cards.

    I do FREE gift accounts where I set you up on a temp. account, I show you how to send a card and you have a few days to send out some more cards and test out the system to see if you like it or pressure, you decide and it's that simple!

    I also help my hubby with his side business which is a new weight loss/energy product called Zylene. It's an amazing, all natural supplement that REALLY works! I've lost 8lbs in the last few weeks and inches all over my body...I've never had a product work like this and also make you feel good instead of bad or jittery! We can't keep enough product on hand, we give samples and after just 1 pill, they order bottles of it. It's a nice problem to have, we're having fun helping our friends and associates lose weight and feel great too!

    I am really loving this site...I don't feel so alone anymore in my plight to be all and do all as a mom, wife, business woman and more!


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  • I love the diversity of business here - it's really cool to learn about what everyone is doing!
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  • Hi everyone!

    A friend just told me about Work It, Mom! And I'm so excited that I joined!

    I'm an Intuitive Business Coach, and I specialize in teaching women entrepreneurs to break through their mind-set traps and step into success in their business. I help women break through fear, old thought patterns, self-doubt and comparison sabotage.

    I am really looking forward to getting to know everyone! Please feel free to check out my web site: I offer a free report to help you identify your mind-set traps and begin breaking through them.

    I also love to build communities! I have a Yahoo Group - Powerful Entrepreneur, and a blog - Create A Thriving Business, which you can get to through my web site.

    Looking forward to hanging out here!
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  • I just launched a Web site site selling my homemade, handcrafted natural soaps online.
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  • Kathy! Congratulations on your web site!!

    I got my start as an entrepreneur selling handmade toiletries. I started in 1999, became a certified aromatherapist, and specialized in selling products with Essential Oil blends that I created.

    I just spoke at the New Jersey Gathering for Handmade Toiletries Makers a few weeks ago.

    You're in a great industry! I wish you much success!
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